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The Empire Report #2
Jun 26, 09 7:32 PM

Welcome to the 402nd Pathfinders Division

For our current site please go to:

Path was founded in 2004 on the Naritus server when two smaller guilds merged to form the sennex canyon mercenaries. given the popularity and location of nearby sennex cave we took the name SCM and tried to remain a neutral all inclusive guild of mostly casual players and crafters.

As the months went by and we came closer to the CU, many of our players began unlocking thier jedi. we realized it was time to pick a side in the galatic civil war.

A long discussion was held in a decimator high above our home planet of tatooine. In the end we decided we would throw our support behind the Empire and the 402nd Pathfinder Division was born.

After the NGE, PATH took a brief hiatus from the game and reformed a few months later. After its refounding the Pathfinders became the predominate Imperial Guild on Naritus.

With the arrival of the FCTS, the guild packed up and left the Naritus Galaxy and reformed itself on the Flurry Galaxy. Sadly SWG closed it's doors on December 15th, 2011 and PATH ended... for the time being. But if you know us, we ALWAYS find each other again...

We found each other on the SWGEMU and reformed again in September 2012 under the leadership of Epaos/Kortossis on the Basilisk server. In March of 2012, Kortossis passed the torch onto Kaytee...

and the Legacy carries on....

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