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Ressurection is currently not recruiting.
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Other Guild News

A little more about us

Piruças, Jul 24, 09 3:30 PM.
Some new info has been released regarding our guild. Following is the links to their original posts, but they can be found at the bottom of the left side modules.

Guild Info - Guild Story

Took a while, but its done

Piruças, Jul 23, 09 6:02 PM.
Its with great pride that i announce the new feature of the guild site -> Recruting/Raid Progress Bar.
As you can see at the top of the page, it show us useful information in small simple way.
It took me about three days to understand how to make this work, and my work paid off. Enjoy!!

I... just cant believe it

Piruças, Jul 21, 09 6:18 PM.
Another day, another raid, another boss killed.
Its true, General Vezax has fallen before Ressurection's might.
It took us about two and a half hours to get it, but its done and no-one can take that from us.

Unfortunetly its Tuesday night, so that mean raid reset. We now have to clear Ulduar once again (more loot for us) to get to the point where we left.



Darkstone Ring - Yuun
Vestments of the Piercing Light - Crusoe

Mimiron down! About time...

Piruças, Jul 20, 09 5:25 PM.
After 50+ tries (ye we suck) we finnally downed Mimiron, it was hard and intensive, but whats important is that he's down and that's where he will be from now on.
Our main problem was phase 3, because we were ignoring Bomb Bots, but as soon as we agreed to nuke them asap (with help of my Slow) things went smoothly and we reached phase 4. Then it was a matter of trial and error till we made it we enough players alive to kill it in the allocated time.


Helm of the Wayward Vanquisher - Piruças
Stylish Power Cape - Hércules

Keep Going!

Piruças, Jul 10, 09 6:31 PM.
We just go and go, there's no stopping us now.
With Hodir down, Ressurection is one step closer to clearing Ulduar 10man.

Like i said guild doesnt care about pics, so i dont care about them in my pics
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