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We have a website.
Jun 13, 09 2:36 PM
Welcome to HoTs DoTs n Kidney Shots!

We are a Horde raiding guild based on Haomarush-US. Though we may have a PvP oriented guild name, that does not mean we are just dedicated to it. In fact, we have recently begun raiding, and as such are currently seeking new members.

What we want.

Players that are interested in progressing through endgame content not just for the gear.

Players who are dedicated and will do their best to show up on raid days set by the guild officers.

Players who won't cause drama over nothing just to get attention or QQ about mishaps such as a wipe due to and accident or odd circumstance.

When we raid.

Currently, our set raid days are Wednesday and Thursday with a clean-up day of what we didn't down on Monday. Other days may be used depending on numbers and composition available on any given day.

Current needs.

Ranged DPS is in high demand for our guild at the moment, particularly mages and shadow priests.

Other classes are welcome to join, but please keep in mind, due to numbers, you may not be asked to join a raid the very first week you arrive in the guild. Don't worry though, you will get your chance.

Other Guild News

We have a website.

Zûma, Jun 13, 09 2:36 PM.
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