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Jul 6, 09 4:10 PM
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Jun 14, 09 12:47 PM
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Jun 14, 09 12:33 PM
!RUSH! is currently recruiting the following:
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Welcome to RUSH!

Welcome to Guild RUSH! We are a Raiding Guild. All "New Guys" will be under two week Probation until you Rank Up as a Member. We will only be Accepting Serious Gamers with Outgoing Personalities. ( We will not tolerate Bank Pirates, Ninjas, Scammers, or Any Misconduct what so Ever. Any Members Found Doing any of Those Will Get Kicked Imediately.) The Main Purpose of this Guild is to have Fun Grow And Work Together as a GUILD.

"We're a guild who help out on eachother, and we do give advice to those whose dps or gear isn't at best. Please don't take it personal, but please take it serious when we ask you to learn more about your characters. Thank you very much!"

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On Top.

exey4u, Jul 6, 09 4:10 PM.

Hey everyone! Wondering where to apply? On top of the website 
">>>Join Rush<<<."

IF you find yourself lazy to answer questions. Please don't waste our time. We like getting to know our applicants through answers given. THANKS!

A few words...

exey4u, Jun 14, 09 12:47 PM.

Here are some Words....

"As stated below our guild info. We love helping out others if they want to be helped. We're blunt, we don't always say the right words to make you smile, but we say it to better you/us.  If you don't have your rotation, or somewhat geared enough to run raids with us. We will tell you to fix it, but having this said....WE DONT DISOWN YOU. We run with you, if you feel the need to farm. Don't get discouraged if you feel that you don't belong with us, we're happy to have a member like you. We may be a raiding guild now, and sometimes we have to be strict on situations, then sometimes we just relax and chill. "

We've had some guildies come and go, and we've had our ups and downs. There may be dislikes, there may be confusion. But at the end, we stick together even if we don't always agree on some things. This doesn't say we're a drama guild, we're simply an outgoing guild. Some of us love to raid, some of us love to pvp. And we have those who just like to sit back and quest, work on achievements, and run dungeons.

Listen Up

exey4u, Jun 14, 09 12:33 PM.


If you decided to become a member. Please be sure to sign up with your in-game name.  Your name may be taken, but if you can make it possible to get it close to your in-game name. PERFECT! This will make it easier to know who our members are and who has signed up.
There after, please let one of our officers know that you've signed up, so we can accept you. Thanks!

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