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Strives for Members Who Excel at Playing With Loyalty Honor and Respect.
We Are A Large Organized, ADULT, Level 3 Faction Consisting Mainly of Players
from level 70 - 102, With OUR average ACTIVE PLAYER level over 90. We participate in TW and have a hi-level faction base, which is ready for base wars! We are one of the oldest & established factions on the Dreamweaver server!!!

We are currently recruiting Adult Players, Active Members, level 50+
While our sister faction (Shen) is recruiting level 25+

YOU MUST USE Your Character Name!
(Example: my Character name is Semara)  
If you don't use your Character name; your forum application will be DELETED! 
So that an officer may contact you IN-GAME!

Also, we require our members to at least be able to listen in Ventrillo for TW (Mic not required), and Check Our Forums regularly.
Please read the information about the Bushido Code and XBushidoX. 
Thank you for your time and interest in XBushidoX

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Last Updated 2/2/2011 9:01 AM
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Leader - pywaket
Director - Bead
Marshal - Hazumu, Soderham, Meshele
Executors - dairose, Lolilace, SlyLilFox, SMASHnHEAL, _LadySimi_, Semara, Yigor, YFFI, Tequila_BM

Bushido translates to "Way of the Warrior”. 
This originates from the samurai moral code 
which stresses loyalty and honor until death.

We of XBushidoX stress respect toward other players 
both inside and outside of the faction. 
We expect our members to work together to achieve 
common goals, keep up moral, have fun, and laugh a lot. 

Some of What We Do As a FACTION:

TT 1-1 to 3-3
Guild Contests and Competitions
Rebirth (Gamma & Delta)
World Boss Faction Events
Frost Covered
Momagannon & Lothranis
FB & Cultivation Quests (in and out of faction)
Random Give-A-ways & Guild Awards
Vent  (we utilize it ALL THE TIME)
TW (Territory Wars)
Server Boss Day & Server FB Days Volunteering
We get together and do boss’s for non members on server
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