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Ventrilo Information
Administration Structure:

WarmApplePie's structure has three levels of admin and two ranks of responsibility: the Admin Team (AT) <event leaders, sack holders> and our Pearls. Within the Admin Team (AT), there is one role and responsibility. Our AT's have to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining all of the various aspects of the Linkshell. This includes acting as recruiters, moderators, and overseeing the day to day activities from enforcing the rules to hosting events. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in the Linkshell is treated fairly, mediate any problems that occur and to ensure that all LS activities are coordinated and overseen to facilitate the cohesion of the group.

Member Rights and Responsibilities:

As a WarmApplePie member, there are rights and responsibilities which you agree to when you join. This will be the expected behavior for all members:

* Act with honor
* Be trustworthy
* Be friendly
* Be patient
* Be honest
* Play fair
* Respect others
* Be generous
* Laugh with people, not at them
* Stop when asked
* Ask questions when I don't understand
* Celebrate accomplishments
* Share in sorrow
* Encourage others
* Agree to disagree
* Use the website
* And, of course, Have fun!

When you equip your pearl, you agree to follow these Rights and Responsibilities. Failure to do so can result in suspension or outright removal from the LS, in extreme cases.

Linkshell Forum:

The WarmApplePie Linkshell Forums are where linkshell discussions are held. PLEASE POST PROBLEMS TO THE FORUMS. This is very difficult for the admin to address issues "on the fly" rather than over time, using our forums. Members are expected to check the forum at least once a week, to stay up to date on the issues at hand. The Events Forum and Dyanmis Forums are the main ones to check, if you don’t wish to read the rest of the daily chatter; those two boards are where important topics are posted, and scheduled events are listed.

We have a number of forum topics that provide information. These are about the game, the rules of the linkshell, and various other topics. These topics are often stickied at the top of a particular board, to keep them highly visible. Members are free to post in these topics, with questions or comments that relate to the topic at hand.

Linkshell Chat:

We are overall a pretty laid-back linkshell. However, discretion should be used when talking in linkshell chat. There are no prohibitions against cursing, telling jokes, or such; however, members should attempt to keep crudity and excessive cursing to a minimum. Verbal attacks towards other LS members is not tolerated, and will be dealt with swiftly by our leadership. This includes racial, ethnic, or religious slurs or any other discriminating language.

If you are offended by the language or topic being discussed, please politely make your feelings known. If you are uncomfortable doing that, contact any AT member by /tell. If this doesn't work, or the discussion is considered to be acceptable by the AT member, you may want to temporarily leave the shell and ask the AT member to notify you when the language/discussion is over.

All Linkshell and Party chat will be set to HOLD in your config menu prior to each run.

Job Choices:

A member’s main job is the one they signed up as, or are needed as in the linkshell. The Roster details what job we are counting on you to be, and that job will be considered your main. This is based around a need for a specific number of members who use a certain job, to be most useful for the linkshells activities. For our regular scheduled events, a member is expected to come as the main job for their character as listed on the roster, unless requested by an AT member ahead of time to meet the needs of the event.

Also the LS may be short on a job. and we may ask you to change. Please understand that this is required sometimes. Refusal to change jobs will result in action taken by an Admin.

Members are asked to put buffers back on their jobs. "I'm not going as <job>, because it will delevel" is not an excuse.

Extended Absence:

A member may take an LoA from WarmApplePie for a period up to that approved by an Admin. LoA is definded as a Leave of Absence and the member's attendance record is considered on HOLD. To do this, please talk with an approved Admin at least a week PRIOR to when you must take a LoA.
**Note: This is only approved for reasonably understandable situations!

Suspension Status:

If you ditch several runs, greatly disrespect a member, or continually do not pay attention to directions, you could be temporarily suspended from the next two runs. If the behavior is severe or continues, you could be permanently banned from the LS.

These are the current Linkshell rules. Please note that these are subject to change, but change will be made within this forum post prior to said rule being carried out. However, under EXTREME circumstances, these rules are subject to slight variation.

Any questions/comments should be made in a new post in this forum. Thank you for taking the time to read WarmApplePie's Rules!

Dynamis Rules:
**Note: The LS Rules also apply in Dynamis! So, make sure to please read those, as well!


As said in LS Rules, you are given a main job on the roster. This will be your designated job that you should usually show up to at Dynamis/Events. However, you may be asked to change by a AT prior to an event. If you refuse to change jobs based on the need for that Dynamis/Event, action will be taken by that AT at their discretion. This could be anywhere from not being allowed to lot AF to extremes of not being allowed to attend the Dynamis/Event.

LS/Party Chat:

It is recommended that you set LS/Party chat to HOLD under your config menu. While in Dynamis/Event, LS chat is restricted to only ATs, Leaders, and Sackholders. Party chat is free to chat during the event, but don't take advantage of this right and not focus on an event cause you were typing too much. Anything said in LS chat should be seen immediately and not be flooded with spam. Set your filters accordingly.

On-Time Performance:

Please try be on-time to all Dynamis/Event(s). Failure to be on-time may result on you not being allowed to enter/attend said event. If you must/know you will be late to a Dynamis/Event, please try and notify an AT prior to the event. Failure to do so is irresponsible on a member's part.

Excessive Absence:

If a member is to go unexpectedly absent from events for a period of time considered irresponsible, then the said member could be put on suspension or even removed from the roster as a member. Uninformed absences are not tolerated by any means.

Dynamis Lotting Procedures:
**Note: I know you all probably just scrolled down to get to the good stuff, but the other information above is important, as well! :lol:

Dynamis Points/Attendance:

There will be no points system for lotting. This is due so that members will not intentionally "point horde" to the point where it is virtually impossible for any member to out-bid them. However, attendance is taken at every Dynamis/Event. Therefore, excessive absence and only showing up for runs that you will profit from will result in you not being allowed to lot on any AF/items.


Before each Dynamis, every member will set their /seacom for a Tier I and a Tier II AF that they so desire.

Tier I: is set for the primary item you would like to lot in the Dyanmis/Event you are attending. Any item set in the Tier I slot takes priority over someone who has the same item in their Tier II slot. You must be able to /equip the item in your Tier I slot!

Tier II: is set for the secondary item you wish to lot in the Dynamis/Event you are attending. Also, as stated, if someone has your Tier II item in their Tier I slot, they take priority over you. However, you're Tier II item can be for ANY job/level you desire, even if it is level one!

Lotting Disputes:

There should be no lotting disputes. However, if a lotting dispute does arise during an event, the above rules STAND! Members should not expect for an AT to make an immediate decision in the middle of a Dynamis/Event that is time restricted. After the Dynamis/Event is over, the problem will be dealt with swiftly by an AT.


These will all be lotted by an AT in charge of collecting to Coins/Money for a Dynamis/Event. All sellable money items will be sold by/for the LS Bank.

New Members:

1) New Members will be on trial for a period of 2 weeks.

2) Is not a fully accepted member upon ending of Trial Membership. They must still be accepted as an Accepted Member by the Admin Team (AT).

3) If the Trial Member does not attend 4 consecutive runs within the trial period, they will not be allowed to lot until this requirement is met.

4) Trial Members may not participate/sign-up for Dreamlands areas. Since the number is highly limited, first reservations are made for those of Accepted Memberships.

These are the current Dynamis/Event Lotting Rules & Procedures. These are subject to change, but change will be done in this forum prior to said rule being carried out. Only under EXTREME circumstances are these to vary slightly.

Thank you for taking the time to read WarmApplePie's Dynamis/Event Rules & Procedures! We look forward to your application!

Dynamis - Bastok

Limmah, Jun 23, 09 2:25 AM.


Ashling - PLD

Gyytohi - RDM

Kenshu and Liminality - SAM

Shedevilish - SMN

Ship - BLU

Congratz to everyone on a great run!

June 18th, 2009: Dynamis - San d'Oria

Limmah, Jun 19, 09 8:19 PM.


Cyprias and Shedevilish - Pantin Babouches

Shedevilish - Summoner's Pigaches

Kenshu - Koga Hakama

Valimir - Mirage Bazubands

Congratz to everyone on a great run + win!

WarmApplePie New Website Live!

Limmah, Jun 19, 09 6:54 PM.
The new website is now online and easier to use than ever. Please register on the site for full access!
There are no upcoming events.
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