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Divine Retribution in Lord Of The Rings Online!

  • About Us
Divine Retribution is a well established multi-mmo guild with successful guilds in World of Warcraft, Asherons Call, Aion and Lord of the Rings Online.

DR was formed in LotRO on the games release under the same principles as all our other guilds: to have fun with friends and to achieve success against all the game has to offer. We believe the best route to success is community spirit, and this is what we strive for in our guild. In Shadows of Angmar, our guild thrived! We were very successful with end-game content, having the Rift Raid on farm from an early stage, and completing Helegrod as part of a multi-guild alliance. We also hosted many social events for our members, such as guild duel-tounaments, pvp nights, chicken races and more.

In The Mines of Moria we are continued this success. After the initial mayhem of getting to level 60, we got all the hard mode instances on farm, tackled the watcher and got him down from an early stage and also had great success in Dar Narbugud, getting the first four bosses on farm early on. Sadly, had a few guild problems towards the end of Moria that prevented us completing the DN raid.

Since the release of Mirkwood the guild has been back at full strength and gone from success to success. We have Barad Guldur on full hardmode-farm and  Ost-Dunhoth.
Now with raise of Isengard we have sucessfully downed Draigoch T2 and were working on the new raid Tower of Orthanc.

Unfortunatly the Kin has now retired it still exists as a ghost kin but we do not do any events.
Our raid team and most players have moved and joined Nexus! If you are looking to still join us please look here:

If you wish to contact one of our officers in game, just give us a shout or contact Nexus.

Still in DR we have:
Kin Leader - Rolinthia
Officers - Penoir, Pinko

If you have any further questions about the guild, please feel free to contact any of us in game, or post on these forums in the public section!

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