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System (Applicant) 11/23/2012 10:40 AM EST : Auto-Posted Application from DufferzToR
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DufferzToR has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
Which game are you applying for?
Star Wars the Old Republic
What is your main character's name?
What is your main characters class / spec / template / level?
What crafting do you do, and how proficient (i.e. levels) are you?
Please list your age, sex and nationality
Have you read through all our community and guild rules and will you abide by them?
What type of player are you? i.e. casual, semi-hardcore, hardcore etc
What days and times do you typically have free for guild events?
All day Tuesday, Wednesday evening, All day Thursday and all day Friday.
Why do you want to join the Divine Retribution community of guilds?
I've heard that you guys are an active, nice and helpful guild from Kitten. Since I'm sorta of a noob you guys would be able to help me with the questions I have.
Who do you have in Divine Retribution who will vouch for you?
What guilds have you been in before, and why did you leave?
Please note that your application will be automatically posted onto the DR forums for review by an officer. Once they have seen your application, someone will contact you in game within 5 days. Thanks very much for applying to join DR!
Character(s) applying with: Dufferx Dufferz

KittenTOR (Member) 11/23/2012 10:41 AM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from DufferzToR

Posts: 4

Hey duff GL With the app!


Xavierre (Officer) 11/24/2012 4:23 AM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from DufferzToR
GP User: jaaploege
SW:TOR Officer

Posts: 152

Hey sorry no officer has yet had time to greet you here!

I've updated your membership on the forums, look up any officer (Anstalt, Porlas, Choucri, Linxe, Tilia, Grelier, Csheen, Xavierre, Alema) ingame to get an invite!
Thanks for signing up!


Haneth (SuperAdmin) 11/25/2012 12:42 PM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from DufferzToR
GP User: Aldarien1
SW:TOR Officer
Posts: 630

Welcome aboard

Alema Jedi Sage
and others

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So-and-so has logged on!