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hey folks, been having some fun updating the banner.. will have to get on my pc tonight and enlarge the banner to 1400 pix wide on a png file. kepingthe image the same size should then sort out the page width to correct format again...
Lol, stealing is the way forwards! Background is just WS wallpaper with copyright cut off. Menu font is stolen from WS forums and content boxes are modified star wars theme from guild portal :-)
hope you are all well and stuff :)
yeah man, best its looked for a long time :)
cheers BB, Wavie and I still working on a new banner but rest seems to be doing the trick!
nice look to the forum :D
im on wavie so give me an friend inv once ur in
Okies im in as well now, seem to have all my pre - oreder stuff so no probs with that..
oh. my. god. queue for Eko server - 1'479 people. time - 40min
hehe smooth beta, classic MMO server crashes on launch..
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Welcome To Divine Retribution!

We are a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing
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New Mumble Channel

wavehunta, May 29, 14 3:05 AM.

Divine Retribution is off to Nexus

wavehunta, May 28, 14 1:52 AM.

S&V Dread Master Styrak HM downed

jonny_Flic, May 29, 13 3:43 PM.
          Scum & Villany Dread Master Styrak HM Downed

S&V The Cartel Warlords HM Downed

Belagaden, May 17, 13 7:20 PM.

S&V Olok the Shadow HM Downed

Belagaden, May 17, 13 7:09 PM.

S&V Operations Chief HM Downed

jonny_Flic, May 4, 13 3:29 PM.
          Scum & Villany Operations Chief HM Downed

We had a good week of progression in S&V HM this week! 3 to go.......

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