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hi all o/
heya all happy new year to you all,
i am all of them.
i hope all you ladies are well have a great crimbo and new year lots of love kel :)
searched for dangerduck, there's like 15 of you! Which one be you?
feel free to add dangerduck on steam. i might dust off BL2 to play with you :)
Hey Xav, me and my little brother are currently playing through borderlands 2, think we're currently lvl27 ish. Added you on steam, my ID is cameltosisdr
Just asking, but if anyone active in anything at the moment? Borderlands 2: steamaccount: Jaap Loege
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New Mumble Channel

wavehunta, May 29, 14 3:05 AM.

Divine Retribution is off to Nexus

wavehunta, May 28, 14 1:52 AM.

S&V Dread Master Styrak HM downed

jonny_Flic, May 29, 13 3:43 PM.
          Scum & Villany Dread Master Styrak HM Downed

S&V The Cartel Warlords HM Downed

Belagaden, May 17, 13 7:20 PM.

S&V Olok the Shadow HM Downed

Belagaden, May 17, 13 7:09 PM.

S&V Operations Chief HM Downed

jonny_Flic, May 4, 13 3:29 PM.
          Scum & Villany Operations Chief HM Downed

We had a good week of progression in S&V HM this week! 3 to go.......

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