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hi all o/
heya all happy new year to you all,
i am all of them.
i hope all you ladies are well have a great crimbo and new year lots of love kel :)
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Welcome To Divine Retribution!

We are a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing
Game Community.

Please take some time to look around our site and visit our forums.

If you like what you see, why not come and join us?

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News Archives
(read)New Mumble Channel
(read)Divine Retribution is off to Nexus
(read)S&V Dread Master Styrak HM downed
(read)S&V The Cartel Warlords HM Downed
(read)S&V Olok the Shadow HM Downed
(read)S&V Operations Chief HM Downed
(read)S&V Thrasher HM Downed
(read)S&V Titan 6 HM Downed
(read)S&V Dash'Roode HM Downed
(read)S&V SM Cleared
(read)Terror From Beyond Cleared on Hardmode!
(read)Kephess The Undying Hardmode Cleared!
(read)Operator IX Hardmode Killed
(read)Terror From Beyond Story Mode Cleared
(read)The Dread Guard Hardmode Cleared!
(read)Terror From Beyond - Writhing Horror HM Killed
(read)DR Beats the Game!
(read)DR Makes Progress in EC HM
(read)Treasure Hunt Results
(read)DR Competition Annouced!
(read)DR Competition
(read)DR Kills Toth And Zorn HM!
(read)DR Now 10/10 For 8man Nightmare Mode Kills!
(read)Explosive Conflict Story Mode Cleared!
(read)Soa Hardmode Down!
(read)Karagga's Palace [HM] Cleared!
(read)So Long DR in LOTRO
(read)SW:TOR Server Picked
(read)LOTRO - Update 5 Coming Monday!
(read)SW:TOR - Countdown to Release
(read)Draigoch Down, Challenge Complete
(read)Ost Dunhoth - Ivar T2 Hardmode Cleared!
(read)Ost Dunhoth - Poison Hardmode Falls to DR
(read)Ost Dunhoth - Poison Wing T2 Cleared!
(read)DR Merges With Divne Legend
(read)Lieutenant Of Dol Guldur Hardmode Cleared!
(read)Ost Dunhoth Poison and Wound Wings Clearer Tier 1
(read)Twins Hard Mode Conquered By DR!
(read)Core Raid Group, LT Close to Dropping
(read)Thorog Downed, Helegrod Cleared!
(read)Free To Play Launching 2nd November (next Tuesday!)
(read)The Lord of the Rings Online™ will be Free to Play starting September 10, 2010
(read)Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates its 3rd Year Anniversary
(read)Divine Retribution merges with Brave Heart of Hurin
(read)Second Boss In BG, The Twins, Falls to DR!
(read)First Boss In Barad Guldur Downed! Durchest Falls to DR!
(read)Siege of Mirkwood is Here!!
(read)Divine Moves to AION
(read)4 bosses down, hardest one in the game about to bow down before DR soon!
(read)First Boss In Dar Narbugud Falls To DR!
(read)Thorog Down!
(read)Watcher Down, MoM Cleared!
(read)Wrath Of The Lich King Cleared
(read)Divine Retribution WoW needs YOU!
(read)City Dungeons On Farm in WAR
(read)Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
(read)DR Joins Ravensong Alliance
(read)Naxxramas 10 Man Cleared!
(read)WoW's New Expansion
(read)DR Hits Guild Rank 14 and Claims Keep!
(read)DR Flourishes In WAR!
(read)ZA... time to grin and BEAR it!!
(read)Black Temple Tea Party Ends in Death......
(read)DR goes to WAR!
(read)MH Bosses 3 & 4 Die in 24 hours!
(read)DR Horde drops Leothrass
(read)New Boss Kills keep coming....
(read)Anetheron Dies
(read)Mount Hyjal
(read)DR Recruiting Now Open
(read)Tempest Keep is now steadily falling...
(read)The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™
(read)DR Kills the Balrog!!
(read)Lord of the Rings Online Recruitment
(read)DR Horde: Have you seen the fish?
(read)Have you seen....
(read)High King Maulgar 0 - 1 - DR 25 Man
(read)DR TO Raid the Rift
(read)DR Horde back to Netherspite!
(read)WoW Alliance Recruting
(read)Alliance DR - First Karazhan Raid
(read)WoW Horde finish off Karazhan!!
(read)LOTR now online!
(read)Alliance news
(read)Lord of the Rings Forum
(read)Lord of the rings online Beta
(read)A new DR guild in Dungeons & Dragons online
(read)Two guilds now in Horizons
(read)Games Detector Update finally here
(read)New guild leader
(read)Closing Asheron's Call 2
(read)New Guild Leader
(read)Website URL has changed!
(read)Horizons now has a new treasure system
(read)New Guild Crafter Posts
(read)Hot news about WoW guilds
(read)Guild In The Spotlight!
(read)We are NUMBER ONE !!!
(read)We have 1000 members
(read)Games Detector Major Update
(read)New look web site launched
(read)Guild created in Wow
(read)WoW European Beta about to start
(read)Officers required for WoW
(read)Parsinia is DR's again
(read)We have WON guild plot - Apia -
(read)Everquest II Launches
(read)The legend of mir comes to
(read)Wind, Ice & Earth to Merge
(read)Divine Retribution Purchase Mansion
(read)Gallery Upgrade
(read)New welcome message's
(read)Upload site
(read)Were Number One
(read)Community Launch of City of Heros
(read)Mogg News - 150,000 Views
(read)UltimaXo Ends
(read)WoW Beta sign up
(read)The End
(read)Happy Birthday Hoziron guild
(read)Parsinia plot gain
(read)We have a Villia
(read)Verdantine to Open 9th June!
(read)Parsinia plot gains
(read)Lineage II CD-key Purchase
(read)New World Opens for Asheron's Call 1: Verdantine
(read)Easter Event : Trophy Hunt
(read)Officers for AC1
(read)Forum access is changing for officers
(read)DR is Back in Ac2
(read)Feladan Free !!!
(read)Mogg News - 100,000 Views
(read)Ac1 New guild
(read)Game First !!!
(read)Back to are roots!
(read)Asheron's Call New Forums
(read)Mogg News - 70,000 Views
(read)Divine Retribution Hit Wish Beta
(read)Parsinia Essence Channeler Repaired
(read)Our New Guild Hall
(read)First Euro Shard Building
(read)First Euro Shard Structure
(read)European Shard Event
(read)Horizons Beta
(read)Divine PA Guild Hall
(read)DR asked to remove Warhammer Map pictures.
(read)Horizons European Beta Test Announced
(read)Games Workshops Gamesday
(read)Gratulations Omendancer
(read)Divine Retribution Beta Testing Realms of Torment


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