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  • Introduction To Suicide Kings
Suicide Kings is a method of distributing loot fairly amoungst raiders. With raiding taking up a lot of time and energy, its important that those who put in the most effort get rewarded properly, whilst those who only come occasionally still have a decent chance of getting some loot. In principle, SK (suicide kings..) works as a list. Those at the top of the list get first pick of the best loot, whilst those at the bottom dont. Once a person at the top of the list gets their loot, they then "commit suicide" and move to the bottom of the list.

  • Suicide Kings - The Specifics
For our SK rule system, we will only be including armour. That means, if you want the armour, you have to be at the top of the SK table. Every other type of loot that is worth having, i.e. nice jewellery, specific crafting mats etc, will be won on the basis of a /roll. This means that the loot that takes the most grind (armour) is distributed fairly, whilst the other loot is distributed randomly. For the more casual raider, this is great, as it gives them more chance to get something good out of the raid despite not being at the top of the table.

Now, moving around the table. Everyone in the raid itself is considered "hot". These people can win loot, commit suicide and move up the table when necessary. Those people in the kin who wanted to come on the raid but we were unable to take are considered "warm". They can move up the table if someone above them commits suicide, but they cannot win loot or move down. For everyone else, i.e. kinnies not online or signed up to the raid, pugs, friends etc, are considered "frozen". These people stay in the same position on the SK table, with warm and hot players leapfrogging them as necessary. They can never be knocked down the table.

Lastly, the SK table is likely to grow as new members join DR or level up their mains. When a new kin member or pug wishes to join in with the SK loot rule, they are added to the bottom of the list. It may take them time to work their way to the top, but this is fair considering those above have already put in work learning the raid so far.

  • Suicide Kings - Example
The rules above are probably hard to understand on first glance, so here's an example.

At the top of the SK table there are 6 players:

Player name
 Balkis  Hot
 Jennifern  Hot
 Demie  Hot
 Fuzzy  Frozen
 Ralia  Hot
 Chingloves  Warm

Now, Fuzzy is a pug who has raided with us a few times, but could not make tonights raid so is considered frozen. Chingloves could make the raid, but we had too many tanks and he lost his roll to come, so is considered warm. So, off we go to raid, and we kill the first boss. Two pieces of armour drop, so time for SK to come into play.

Balkis passes on the armour, so she stays top of the table. Jennifern wants the armour, so does demie. So, Jenn and Dem get the armour and "commit suicide" and they get put to the bottom of the table. Fuzzy is frozen to remains in position four. That leaves 2 and 3 free, so ralia and chingloves both move up the list and overtake fuzzy. So, after first boss, top of the table looks like:

 Ralia  Hot
 Chingloves  Warm
 Fuzzy  Frozen
  • Suicide Kings and PUGs
As with any loot rules, things get complicated with PUGs. With SK, we will offer the pug the opportunity to join the SK loot table. This will make it harder for them to get armour on initial raid, but easier in the long run if they raid with us regularly. If they chose not to join, then we will have to revert to more traditional methods. For armour loot, we limit armour drops to 1 item a raid. When that item drops, everybody in the raid does a /roll. If the pug wins it, then they get the armour piece and cant roll on future armour drops. If a DR member wins the roll, then we use SK to distribute that loot. Whoever wins the loot will not be able to roll on future armour drops in that raid.

This means that the pug retains a 1/12 chance of winning the armour drop same as on a fully pug'd raid, whilst we retain SK loot rules within kin keeping it fair for us too.

  • Suicide Kings - The Lists

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