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birk_ao (SuperAdmin) 6/26/2009 4:56 AM EST : About WS
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About the organization

Wanderers Sanctuary is a small and proud neutral organization with members from levels 5 to 220 .

We have no level requirements, profession requirements or equipment requirements.

We are currently few and we are spread out over different time zones. This means there will not always be someone to team with or get help from online.  This is of course is subject to change as the size and composition of our organization changes over time.

We do have a city east of 2HO in Stret East Bank.  The city is small, but consequently so is the monthly upkeep and as a result, there is no organization dues or taxes except for 2% tax on sales from player shops. Upkeep is paid principally with the tax collected from shops and by our senior members on a voluntary basis, however org members are welcome to contribute to the org bank from which funds are drawn to pay monthly upkeep.

We do not own any Notum Towers, nor do we plan to get involved in the Notum Wars in the foreseeable future.  That being said, we do not have any prohibitions against members helping fellow Neutrals defend their towers.

We are essentially a PvM organization.  That is to say, the overwhelming majority of our small guild is oriented towards PvM play and not PvP play.  This is not to say that PvP play is prohibited but rather to make you aware that the advice most members will give on character development is based on developing a character for PvM play.

What we can offer our members

Afriendly non-demanding environment where you are left alone if you so wish, or where you may seek company when the fancy strikes you.

We do not tell you how to play or develop your character. We do however offer advice and guidance if it is requested and within our collective knowledge.

Alien raids are done at irregular intervals, based on the availability of members within teaming range.

Assistance with RK dungeons, SL garden quests, Tier 1/2 armor components from senior members when available.     

What we expect from our members

WS was founded by people who did not feel at home in conventional organizations, so do not expect things to work the same way they do in conventional organizations.

There are no explicit restrictions on player conduct other those already set forth by Funcom. However, wedo expect that guild members treat each other, as well as the clan and omni friends of the org, with respect and consideration. Credit begging, verbal harassment as well as KSing and training mobs on purpose will naturally get you kicked.

A certain amount of independency and initiative to get things done yourself at times when the org is not able to help.


Because we acknowledge our limitations as a small organization we bear no grudges if you should eventually desire to move on to a larger organization as your character may grow and develop needs that our infrastructure cannot support.  While it is our sincere hope that members in good standing remain loyal to Wanderers Sanctuary we recognize the reality that nothing is written in stone with regards toguild allegiances and are happy to maintain good relations with departing alumni, and welcome those who left in good standing and wish to return.

If you are interested in joining Wanderers Sanctuary, after reading the above, the application process is fairly simple. Send a  /tell in game to one of our recruitment officers.  Current recruitment officers are:


Or go to our website, register with GuildPortal and apply to Wanderers Sanctuary, and we'll check you out. If you do it this way, please leave a post in our public forum and send a private message to Mardinos, as we do not check this site extremely often.

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