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havenk1ng (Officer) 11/1/2010 12:13 AM EST : What is an Advisor

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To begin with , anyone can create events on the in-game calendar for specific reasons , or for fun.

  These descriptions of what an advisor can do are up for improvement, and open for additions, and elaborations.

1. The advisor plays an activity based role in the guild verses the officers intermediary and decision making role.

2. The advisor will act as a class leader and mentor to those who want to better understand their class, and role in a group.

3. The advisor can answer questions on day to day activities in guild and on wow in general.

4. Officers will generally set up raids , but the advisor will act as support in those raids.

5. Durring vacations, and absences the advisor can organize regular raids and fill the role of the officer in that raid.

6. An advisor plays a large part in creating events in the guild that offers a regular outlet for guild activities. Activities can include 5 man randoms; toc; weekly quests; voa; rep grinding; mount farming; heroic achievements; pvp; use your imagination. These events can continue into cataclisym with the introduction of new dungeons, quests, and content.




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