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Welcome Guest, to the Guardian Angels of the East!

This is Shootlessjoe here. If you are reading this, it seems your taking interest in our community legion of Aion. Guardian Angels of the East is going to be one of the very best community legions out there in Aion. We try not to be reconized for our hard-core behavor or bash other people on how dumb they feel when needing help. WE (Guardian Angels of the East) help those in need, we seek out to have fun with others to get to know them and make friends with them. We don't ask that you try to prove yourself by grinding your toon to a higher level than us to make a point, we simply just have too much on our plate in real life to be playing this game for hours on end. We have no problem if your one of the type that likes to grind, farm, hard-core PvP, raiding or many other things, we just simply request that if your need of help, please don't whine or beg, simply ask, or just whisper someone from the legion and ask if they got some time to help. That is all we ask in return for you becoming a member of GAoE.

If your an active player looking to join a great community legion, please join us! Check the below recruitment bar to see if your class is open for recruitment, if it is click on the icon to submit an application.



Eph, Sep 1, 09 5:28 AM.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Eph, Jul 4, 09 1:02 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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