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System (Applicant) 11/2/2009 6:15 PM EST : Auto-Posted Application from narutokid310
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narutokid310 has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
Name of who you are out of game - We can get to know you better that way and if you prefer not to be called by your name tell us.
My name is Adrian.
Name of your toons if you got more than one. ( Right now The Guardians would like to have many people in our legion but for right now, we are limited on space until launch. If you got more than your main toon, list them and we will add you to our friends list.)
My characters name in Aion is "Septmus"
Reason why your seeking a community legion of Aion instead of one of those Hardcore legions.
Covenant said it was a good guild with a lot of fun people. Ive been playing mmos for a while with him and just started Aion a few weeks ago.
Age. (I would like to know what your ages are because WE (The Guardians) are a gaming community that is mature about things and we keep things in the legion Pg13 if all possible because difference of age can be a slight issue.)
I am currently 13 years old.
How many hours of the week you tend to play this game? ( I know i said we got real life issuses outside this game but for my reasons of knowing is that if we got inactive players for some time and we have new recruits coming, I need to know how active you will be playing this game in our legion.)
i play about 22- 30 hrs a week.
Class you plan on applying for. WE (The Guardians) have a number amount of slots, we like to have a nice balance of classes in the legion so not everyone is just a certain class. Alts are welcomed on the side if needed.
I am currently playing a Spirit Master. So far have all the spirits that are available at my current lvl.
Did anyone refer you to our site? If so, please tell us the persons name/character name. If not how did you come about our site?
The person who referred me to this site was Covenant.

Shootlessjoe (Officer) 11/3/2009 2:22 AM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from narutokid310
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Please await. Will let you know!
Characters: Aerin

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