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To edit your proffesion's go to "charcater & settings" at the top of the website, on the "characters" tab click edit next to the character you would like to edit the proffesion of, now click on the "skills" tab, here you can add the prof. you are leveling and what level you have obtained.
Crafting Skills 
Aether Gathering
Shootlessjoe (Aerin) 45
Flickette (Flickette) 67
Jeigan0 (Jeigan) 200
Malorie18 (Shadiri) 52
Fernika (Covenant) 150
Flickette (Flickette) 69
Termidas (Termidas) 160
Olegar (Tiberious) 48
Creightous (Creightous) 106
Flickette (Flickette) 69
Jeigan0 (Jeigan) 250
Malorie18 (Shadiri) 75
YoshisSupport (Yoshis) 210
Malorie18 (Shadiri) 29
Vitality Gathering
Flickette (Flickette) 92
YoshisSupport (Yoshis) 276
Fernika (Covenant) 60
Flickette (Flickette) 42
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