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Vantolamar (SuperAdmin) 7/20/2009 8:43 PM EST : Recruitment FAQ

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Applicant requirements:

1.) We prefer you to be age 18 or older, but it is not a requirement.

2.) You must be mature and respectful. Use proper grammar whencommunicating. I cannot and will not tolerate whiny immature people.One thing I can't stand are those that cry about something wrong withthe game. Constructive criticism is fine, but if I see "omg WTF thisgame fucking suckz stupid morons they needs to fixx this crap or imgona quit, blah blah blah!" or something to that effect in chat thenyour ass is gone. Use good grammar, English and convey your thoughts ina mature manner and we will get along fine Happy

3.) Please be fairly active. Play at least 3 nights a weeks for a fewhours each night. I am on Mountain time, but could care less if youlive in another country, as long as you play around 5PM to 12PMMountain time.

4.) You must have previous MMO experience unless you are fairlyhigh level, have played this game for awhile and can demonstrate theability to skillfully use your class. Recruits will be tested ingroup/instance situations.

5.) Main class must be lvl 40+

6.) And last but not least have the mindset of first and foremost having fun, but also striving to be one of the best.

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