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So, the long await enhancements pass has started on Lama...Are you.. Winner: "Thinking that you would rather scrap some alts then go thru the grind again?" 4 weeks, 679 days ago
What will keep you playing in the next year? Winner: "I still need One Bazillion pieces of Epicz Gear!! " 4 weeks, 1460 days ago
What will they do to Fix the loss of Epic Tokens ? Winner: "Call in Garth the Secret Agent Man to Invstigate " 4 weeks, 1805 days ago
Next Epic raid you'd like to see? Winner: "Tempest Spine" 4 weeks, 1886 days ago
Do there need to be more polls? Winner: "Garth" 4 weeks, 1917 days ago
Which Update 1 quest do you like the most? Winner: "The one where you go to sleep with the cool music" 4 weeks, 1932 days ago
What is your favorite Mod 9 (high-level) quest: Winner: "ToD" 4 weeks, 1935 days ago
The Real Reason Mod 9 was Delayed is: Winner: "Turbine is not quite sure there are enough nerfs" 4 weeks, 1997 days ago
Chocolate or Vanilla? Winner: "Chocolate" 4 weeks, 2016 days ago
Which is your favorite to Play? Feel free to discuss which edition you started on Winner: "3.5" 4 weeks, 2025 days ago
It's now less than a week b4 Mod 9 goes live and You Are : Winner: "For some strange reason, after waiting so long, not excited about it" 4 weeks, 2033 days ago
When Mod 9 makes it's long awaited debut, how many emergency server shut downs do you anticipate? Winner: "After the first 2 days, everyone will finally ahve the game downlaoded and be able to log in, only to have it shut down for the weekend" 4 weeks, 2034 days ago
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