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Welcome to the Screaming Hell Cats alliance web site. We're glad your here, go ahead and drop us a line.

If your looking for general guild information here is some facts that may be of use.

We are not a 'neutral' , 'peace' and or 'war' guild...we are a guild...just a normal guild. We have fun, we test, we quest, and we fight the fights that land on our door steps. This is a war game and we hold no grudges to those who are playing the game differently than we do.  With that in mind we will treat everyone with respect even when we are not as that is our alliances main objective.

For diplomacy please understand our guild has ranks and each rank has certain rights and responsibilities. SHC tagged players are officers, officers can discipline junior crew members and can add people to the war list after contacting Counsel or Leadership. Counsel can add to the war list and give temporary cease fires but never permanent cease fires. Permanent cease fires can only be given by Leadership.  With that said we honor our cease fires and take them very seriously.

Speaking for all of SHC , we hope you enjoy your time with us and we wish you luck in all your endeavors in Sea Fight.

LeaveNoDoubt - leader
Sarnakis- Counsel
GoBlueBeard- Counsel
Mr_clean - Counsel 
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