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In the Eastern Plaguelands, not far from Corin's Crossing, Perentoo and Homan rode in search of glory and fame.  As they neared the Maris Stead they found a Draenei being tortured and close to death.  Offering their hand in aid and in friendship, the three travelers slew the beasts before them and rode on together, stronger, and without fear.  The three of them traveled on towards the Borean Tundra.  It was near the land of the Blood Elves, south of Silvermoon, in a mountain never before seen by them or anyone they'd known....a mine, hidden deep among old shacks and burned villages.  The three travelers ventured inside hoping to find fortune, gold and jewels, but what they found was nothing short of terrifying.  Before them stood a dragon, tall and mighty, it's name they could not discern.  Fire danced around the beasts skin, making it look red and furious to their eyes.  Without saying a word to one another they drew their weapons and fought valiantly to slay the dragon.  As the beast lay dying before them it spoke these simple words, "More.......will.....come.......................friends."  On the chest of the dragon was burned a mark showing twelve teath in a hideous mouth.  The three took up pieces of cloth, dyed them in the dragon's blood, and painted the mark on their new tabards.  The Clan of the Red Dragon was born.
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