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BARCO Back in business
Feb 3, 10 4:45 PM
BARCO Ore Payments
Feb 1, 10 6:42 PM
Hulks a Plenty
Feb 1, 10 6:37 PM
Corp Takeover Finalized
Feb 1, 10 6:35 PM
Lord Action Returns To Business Unscathed
Nov 27, 09 1:02 PM
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BARCO Back in business

Lady Ortega, Feb 3, 10 4:45 PM.
The Bosses at BARCO are proud to anounce that due to the fast progress of the company, since the recent problems with Managment, they are now buying ORE once more from its staff.  Ore prices will be reviewed on a weekly basis and will be displayed on this website as well as the companys "bullitin board".

This is the final step and we can now officially state that BARCO is back!

BARCO Ore Payments

Lady Ortega, Feb 1, 10 6:42 PM.
With the appointment of a new CEO, BARCO is proud to announce that in the near future we will once again be paying for Ore and Minerals collected by our members.

The new CEO and Mining Directors have taken this on board and are looking to start this operation some time in February.

As before prices will be comparable though slightly lower than local average mineral prices but will offer a guaranteed sale.
The ore baught by the Corp will be used in the manufacture of new vessels and the invention of new models

Hulks a Plenty

Lady Ortega, Feb 1, 10 6:37 PM.
Three cheers go up for Just Ronin, the latest member of BARCO to gain his HULK licence.

As is the tradition with BARCO members the Corp has awarded him a brand new HULK

Good luck JR, and welcome to the big leagues

Corp Takeover Finalized

Lady Ortega, Feb 1, 10 6:35 PM.
Today Actionless became the new CEO of Barzini Construction, After the sad news of Barzinis continuing health problems relating to his RL house sale crisis Actionless was voted in as new CEO

In a short interview Actionless stated that he will continue to run Barco in its traditional way and will help see the corp into a new era

In related news, Lady Ortega and Lightframe have been promoted to mining directors to asist Actionless with the day to day running of the Corp

Lord Action Returns To Business Unscathed

Lady Ortega, Nov 27, 09 1:02 PM.
Today celebrations were heard throughout the corp as Lord Action returned to the ranks with his control consoles intact.

After the dire events of recent weeks where a freak solar flare knocked out his control systems lord action was tethered in dry dock for major repairs, however he has now stated that, although costly and excessive, the repairs to his ships controls are now finished and he is happy to return to mining once more.

The corp welcomed him back with open arms, then hit him wiht the sad news of the CEOs condition, Lord Action, acting as head of corp while Barzini is in hospital, vowed that the corp will pay for the CEOs ongoing healthcare until such a time as Barzini can return.
Welcome To Barzini construction

Mineral Mart    
   Barzini Construction Is buying

 week commencing 19/ 10  / 09

 Tritinium   2.5 ISK           Isogen  46.5 ISK    

 Pyrite      4.0 ISK          Noxcium  66.0 ISK 

 Mexallon  25.5 ISK -        Zydrine   1465.5 ISK   

Megacyte   3360.5 ISK                         Morphote   7261


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