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The Nytes Templar of Bloodfin have adopted a player ranking system within the Guild in order to provide members with a structure to advance themselves and by doing so, advance the Guild to becoming a more capable player community.  Members are encouraged, but not required to advance through this system.  The goal as always is to get as much enjoyment out of the game, while enjoying the company of good friends. 


The advancement through this system depends entirely on the individual members; however, all members will be supported by the Guild and the Guild Leadership in obtaining their goals.  Members are asked to submit a request for advancement based on the requirements of each degree.  The requested verbally or may be submitted via in-game email to members of the Nytes Templar Council.  All requests will be deliberated on within four days of submission.


We will provide direct mentoring for all new Guild members.  Each Guild Initiate will be assigned to seasoned Guild member, preferably a Guild Sergeant or higher.  Nytes is an invitation only Guild.  Our core values are centered on fun, honest, mature Guild members who enjoy the game and the player community.  We shall always focus on the quality of a potential recruit, not the quantity of Guild members. 


1st Degree: Guild Initiate

    Newly accepted members are asked to develop their characters into becoming strong, capable players that are able to contribute positively in support of the Guild.  All

Initiates will have the full support of the Guild in achieving 2nd Degree status.


2nd Degree: Guild Enforcer

    - Master of primary character profession (CL 90)

    - Pilot Ace on primary character

    Masters of their profession, Nytes of this grade support guild activities and promote a positive gaming and player environment for the entire server.  Participate in instance groups to actively achieve a five piece jewelry set.  As Ace Pilots, members should pursue multiple craft platforms to accommodate mission needs.  Enforcers are empowered to suggest players to the Guild.


3rd Degree: Guild Sergeant

    - Has obtained the rank of Guild Enforcer (2nd Degree)

    - Master of second character profession

    - Has recruited or has been selected to mentor an Initiate

    Advanced Guild members, able to provide greater diverse support of the guild and the server community.  Sergeants are mentors to Initiate members; as such, they are tasked with providing direct support to the Initiate grade in obtaining 2nd Degree status.  Sergeants are empowered to invite and accept players to the Guild, which they will personally mentor to 2nd Degree status.


4th Degree: Guild Lieutenant

    - Has obtained the rank of Guild Sergeant (3rd Degree)

    - Successfully mentored an Initiate to Enforcer Status (2nd Degree)

    - Leads groups in instances, missions and quests

    Lieutenants set the operational tempo of the Guild.  Proactive and organized, Lieutenants seek to aide Nytes members by coordinating instance groups and other quest parties to maintain the high moral of the Guild.  Lieutenants also encourage the participation of non-guild members in order to promote a positive impression of the Nytes Templar throughout the server.  Lieutenant may invite and accept new players into the Guild.


5th Degree: Guild Captain

- Has obtained the rank of Guild Lieutenant (4th Degree)

- Current or former member of the Council of Nytes Templar

    Captains are the ranking guild members that will make up the Council of the Nytes Templar.  Captains may invite and accept new players into the Guild.


6th Degree: Guild Commander

    - Has obtained the rank of Guild Captain (5th Degree)

    The Guild Commander will be elected by the Templar Members through the Guild Leader Election system.  In the highest office of the Guild, the Commander will guide the Templars in achieving goals, as set forth by the Council of the Nytes Templar.  The Commander will cast the deciding vote on all council deadlocked matters.  He/She will approve of all Guild removal requests.



Council of the Nytes Templar:


The Nytes Templar is a democratic body of player friends, who together enjoy all facets of the Star Wars Galaxies experience.  As such, no one member will rule or dictate the direction of the Guild, nor will the members experience a negative environment within the Guild.  Members who develop themselves and the Guild will have the opportunity to become Council Members and affect the course of the Guild.  There will be one Council Member for every five Guild Members. 


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