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Welcome to The Black Operations Guild - AKA The BOG

The Black Ops Guild is a small guild focused on Player-verse-Player combat. This does not mean though that we are PVP only simply that we are PVP centric. We will also explore the world and engage in small raids or adventures to better our characters, and for the fun of it. To be accepted into the guild you must be a combat primary, though you can still participate in none combat activities on the side.


Black Ops is looking to keep its membership on a magic number of 21 members. The reason for this;
       Guilds with too many members get caught up in inner guild drama, leadership issues and are generally less orginized, the focus becomes on simply recruiting as many people as you can knowing 50% of them will drop out in the next few weeks. This is more of a zerg idoiligy and does not usually cater to a good combat guild. Not only this but large guilds are usually the target of other guilds, and become bogged down in defending their city and territory instead of playing the game. Black Ops aims to be the hunters not the hunted, be staying a small well trained guild we will not only have freedom of movement but we will be able to act as a more cohesive unit and exploit the weaknesses of large guilds, such as the general zerg mentality and the breakdown of communication as it filters through their ranks.

Our Mission:

As mentioned above we are a PVP centric guild. We would consider ourselves more on the mercenary side of the spectrum than the

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Mythricor, Jul 11, 09 4:02 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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