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KoN started!!!
Jul 8, 07 9:40 AM
Recruitment Drive In progress.
Mar 20, 07 5:14 PM
3 year anniversary party
Oct 13, 06 8:59 AM
BN's Newest Members :)
Oct 8, 06 10:03 PM
Back to our Roots
Sep 24, 06 12:33 PM

Welcome to the BrotherHood of Ni Web page
*Rebel*     Star Wars Galaxies: Bria Server     *Rebel*

If you are looking for a guild based on Friendship and wealth of knowledge of game play, then this is the guild for you. Please take a moment to look at the Mission statement if you are interested in joining  the guild. If you are already a member please refresh your mind by reading the code of Conduct.
If you have any Questions or concerns Please contact the following councilors or officers of Ni: Ak-ice, GalaxyMan, Ak-Revo or Muscar


KoN started!!!

537026224_Inactive, Jul 8, 07 9:40 AM.
Ni brothers and Sisters,

Knights of Ni is our very own elite PvP guild. With KoN Brotherhood of Ni members will now be able to experience Guild waring and elite pvp action. We are proud to say BN is one of the oldest guilds and accept changes our necessary to keep alive. One aspect of the game that continues to change and is always exciting in game is PvP. We have a sudden surge in guild removals in the past month because more and more guild members are getting into PvP.

KoN was started to allow these members and new members another outlet to expierence a diffferernt aspect of the game. Your crafters and low level alts can stay in BN, but anyone can move there combat toon to KoN. You must have teamspeak and you must be able to follow the group commander's direction. We will be mimicing goe and ktd's guild wars so we can have support in our beginning months of PvP, and so we can support them. I hope everyone enjoys it.

If you know any one who is unguilded and does enjoy pvp, send them our way. You can have them contact danger' or myself.

Recruitment Drive In progress.

537238640_Inactive, Mar 20, 07 5:14 PM.
NI all,

In the next few days you will be reciving an email from Ak-ice about the recruitment drive. We are in progress of becoming a learger guild, to build a close community we need people of all kinds ot interact with. If you see any body loooking for a guild or you know friends, tell them about us. I will be working on a offical recruitment email over the next few days.

If you are interested in joining please contact Muscar Krone ingame.

3 year anniversary party

537026224_Inactive, Oct 13, 06 8:59 AM.
Ni my rebel brothers and sisters,

 A historic event is now in the making. Brotherhood of Ni is now 3 years on this server. We are celebrating an idea of brother-ship. Our guild has had glorious times and times of tragedy and yet our ideas still impact others. This is something to rejoice. We have had members come and go, and come again. In a game built on community we have strived to create a small piece of a haven for casual gamers to come to and have a pleasant time.

We invite all Rebel role-players to come to our city and celebrate with us. We have decorated our city for a major party. Let's spend the next two weeks remembering the old times, rekindling old friendships, comparing routes we have taking, and dreaming of a future that we can all stand united. Let's dance till we fall from exhaustion and scream "Ni" so loud that the empire hears us.

Thursday Event Time: October 19th 7pm Pacific
Saturdays Event time: October 21st TBA  There was some confusion in communication between Pex and I. He assumed I was asking for either THursday or Saturday and not both. By the time he understood what was going on it was too late to schedule both Event dates. I will still include anyone that logs on Saturday from 1pm pacific through 4pm pacific and says anything in the guild chat channel Eligible to win the Jetpack and Av-21.

This will be a rescue mission and will need mass cordination from all parties envoled. The only Named NPC charactor will be Luke SkyWalker. As the event Starts Luke will appear and we will cheer him on. Imperial npcs will overrun Ni and the rebel base and capture Luke. We will then pursuit to an Imperial encampent just outside Ni and attempt to take it over. There will be mini puzzles inside of the encampment to allow us to continue forward. Depending on the turn out, pex will increase the spawn rate and difficulty of the npc imperial and dark jedi spawns.

More detial info will be compiled this weekend.
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