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Forge Of All Destiny
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The Ultimate Bug:

Today, bad men haunted the towns of Theed, people were pilled up and used for bait especially while they were Logged out. People say that it was a mystery, some say it was 'Foad' that endangered them with their firework parades just 12 hours before, causing a 24 hour delay. Most systems were disabled, making everyone bleed agressively. It's become a problem as nobody can enter the TC Nova, making life as we know it, to a full stop. Will there be a possible rescue to this bug attack? Or will we all just die, knowing we could have done better, considering not firing any fireworks from the start. Interviews soon to come.  


The Sudden Urge to Find Jedi:

Lately the Star Wars Universe community has been desperate to find the answer to all their problems by trying to become Jedi's. At the moment, only 16 live on in the small but friendly Test Center Nova. Currently, most people are mistaken, the new jedi system has yet to be implemented into the game, as most say that it would possibly take another week or two until a possible implementation. While everyone seeks to wield Gloweysticks with dirty robes on, there is still some confusion between the community and whether or not they will be able to come up with what the new system really is.

Slowing but gradually, the population is growing and the fight for survival is strong, especially having the ability to at least do nothing but die as a Jedi. Night draws near, Gandalf's beard grows long, men loose their virginity, what shall come of this implementation and how it will affect the outcome of the SWG society.

Welcome to FOAD's (Forge of All Destiny)'s site.

Here on this site, you will see that we are bound to a SWGEmu official server, not the SOE NGE.
Overall, we find that uniting purely experienced or non-experienced people together, is the right way for a strong and balanced guild.
 FOAD is not a joke, we base our involvement around every part of SWG; pve, pvp, etc.
Our overall Goal is to become a well balanced guild with the Industrial and PvP world of SWGEmu.
The purpose? We believe working together we can achieve everything we want Together as a Guild, and we mean Everything!.

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