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Salvation Kinship Charter

I. Membership

Salvation is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship designed to meet the needs of established players in a relaxed atmosphere but still able to take on the end game content in a fair and equitable fashion.  Our goal is to create a close-knit community while having fun and experiencing a wide range of game content while focusing on experiencing and completing end game content.  We use a ladder-based loot system for major raid drops and have our own dedicated Ventrilo server.

We are an established group of experienced and casual player focused on the needs and goals of higher-tiered players, but also maintain a good lower-level player base.  Many of our members have been playing LOTRO for years and have multiple characters at high levels that are ready for, and already doing, end game content.  While we do not preclude lower level players from joining, please understand that, at times, there may not be an abundance of lower-level characters active in our kin, so you might not always have a lot of kin-mates playing characters at the early stages of the game.

Applicant Requirements

Salvation and its community rely on having a quality kinship and a place that they can call their "Home away from home."  We are a fun-loving community and don't like to take on any unnecessary drama.  Because of this, we have a few requirements for all of our applicants.  Please make sure that you meet the following guidelines before putting in an application:

  • We ask our applicants to be at least twenty (20) years of age.  This is recommended because our average member is an adult, and we feel that younger people might not feel like they fit in.  Any applicant under the age of twenty may be invited with the understanding that they must go through a longer recruitment period and prove a level of maturity.
  • Occasionally mature topics will be discussed in Ventrilo with swearing, profanity, and all manner of foul language.  However, in the event that someone in voice chat makes it clear that there is a child that can hear what is being said, we expect you to use appropriate language.  In some cases, this could include the children of members playing the game.
  • The in-game kinship chat channel should be kept at a PG-13 level.
  • Applicants must be willing to participate in kinship activities
  • Applicants must have at least one character at level twenty (20) or higher
  • Applicants must be willing to download Ventrilo so you can at least listen to what is being said.  We also require you to register on our kinship website to use our forums as well as sign up for events
  • Once you are a kin member for a period of three months, you will be asked to assume certain responsibilities, such as being a buddy to new recruits and contributing time and effort to kinship activities.
Membership Limitations

Applicants with a character name in bad taste will not be considered for entry.
Any inactive member may be removed from the kinship at the discretion of the Leadership Council.  Members must post in the forums to avoid this.

Voice Server

We require members who are grouping in higher-end instances to use the voice server.  Beyond that, it is highly encouraged to at least log in to the voice server while grouping or just in game, but this is not an absolute requirement.  We are currently using Ventrilo, which can be downloaded here.

Membership Ranks

Recruit - This is the rank for those new to Salvation.  If you decide to give us a try, there is a recruitment period of anywhere from two to four weeks.  This time frame takes in to consideration your playtime in the game, the number of times you have been able to run with your kin-designated buddy, the number of times you are able to run with an officer, and your overall interaction via the voice server and kin chat channel.  It also allows us time to obtain feedback from members and discuss  whether the recruit is a good fit for the kinship.  This is also a time period to allow you to be sure that we as a kinship are a good fit for you and your play style.

Each new recruit will be assigned at least one buddy who will be their guide to the kin.  It is expected that the buddy will run several instances with the recruit and be a personal point of contact.  During this period, the recruit is expected to group with kin members and officers to get a feel for whether or not Salvation is a good fit.

If the recruit does not log in during this period they may be dismissed from the kinship without notice.  If the officers feel that the recruit does not fit in well with the kin in their desired role (e.g. the recruit wished to raid but does not prepare as required, or the recruit argues abrasively with everyone in voice chat), the recruit may also be dismissed without notice.

New recruits may not roll on raid drops, but may roll on any other rewards.

Member - This rank is the core of the Salvation community.  To obtain this rank you must have show dedication to the kin and its membership during the recruitment period.  All kin members are asked to participate in adhering to the core values of the kinship, identifying potential members, assisting in the development of new recruits (e.g. the buddy system), staying reasonably aware of what is happening in terms of the game at large and in the kinship specifically, and contributing to the success of the kinship.

Officer - Officers vote on matters involving the direction and management of the kinship.  More responsibilities of the officer will be discussed in the next section.

II. Governance

Salvation is governed by a group of officers called the Leadership Council.  These are ranking officers who have the overall say relative to kinship issues.  There may be a group of additional officers who will be asked to provide their input into all issues prior to any decision being made by the Leadership Council.  Generally, the officers will vote on most matters involving Salvation issues, and the Leadership Council finalize policy based on the vote.  It is the officer's job to maintain kinship unity and keep Salvation a fun place to call "Home away from home."  We also expect all officers, including and especially the Leadership Council, to maintain effective communications with the membership, and to solicit and listen to input and feedback from members.  Members, in turn, are expected to utilize the various means of finding out about the kin and what is going on (e.g. voice chat, forums, in-game chat, etc.)

The Leadership Council - All current officers
Duties - These are the co-equal leaders of Salvation.  They have the overall say on all matters, maintain the voice server and web site, and are the once to contact if you have an issue with any officer.  The Leadership Council can make expedited decisions on day-to-day matters, so that things that need doing get done.  If four of the six are online, and the decision is not controversial or expected to be of major concern to the other officers and members, they can make a decision and act on it.  For more significant decisions (or where there is reason to believe other Council members or officers would have a serious disagreement), all six members of the Council would be involved, and would solicit the input of and communicate with the other officers and members.

Officers - Grevyn, Yarden, Cimon, Eolynd
Duties - Officers will help members with class issues, invite new recruits, promote recruits after their probationary period ends, deal with drama, and keep an eye out for useful information pertaining to the game as a whole.  Officers are also expected to implement this Charter, be a sounding board for the membership, and make sure that concerns and issues raised by members are resolved.

Addition of Officers - As the kinship grows, or as officers move on, additional officers may be appointed by the Council with the input of the existing officers.  Officer candidates would normally be:
  • People that play a lot
  • Mature and responsible
  • Treat kinmates and strangers alike with respect and dignity
  • Communicate well
  • Contribute significantly to the kinship

Removal of Officers - Any Salvation officer may choose to step down from their position at any time.  Also, any Salvation member may petition to have an officer removed from office.

III. Community

The fun-loving, "Home Away From Home", community feeling of Salvation is what we are all striving toward.  We want a place where we can sit back, relax, and escape our real life endeavors for a few hours each day with other people we enjoy spending time with.  There are a few areas that need to be addressed to ensure that this happens.


Members are not expected to behave themselves in any formal way.  However, we do not tolerate any bashing, name-calling, or flaming of anyone else in the kinship or in the Lord of the Rings Online over any public channels (i.e. Out Of Character chat, Kinship chat, Fellowship chat, forums).  We are here to have fun and we don't want unnecessary drama.  Most of all, we want a community where we treat each other, and others with whom we come into contact, with dignity and respect.

Creating unnecessary drama about loot, raid attendance, or any other issue is not tolerated.  While we want everyone's opinion on many matters, continually beating a dead horse will not be tolerated, as it brings down the whole kinship.

Disciplinary Action

Any violation of the Salvation Charter is subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the officers.  These include:
  • A verbal warning from an officer
  • Being demoted to the rank of "Recruit" for a period of time to be determined by the officers
  • Removal of all characters from the kinship
If an officer is present for any violation of the Salvation Charter, he or she may take immediate action.  If a member reports a violation made by another member to an officer, the officer should gather information from as many witnesses to the violation as possible before taking action.  Any disciplinary actions taken by an officer must be reported to all of the officers.  Any officer's course of action will be determined by what he or she considers best for the Salvation community.

Any violation of the Turbine User Agreement (buying/selling in-game items with/for real-world money) will result in immediate removal from Salvation.

IV. Raiding and Loot Rules

We all want to develop our in-game characters as much as we can.  A large part of this is the loot that we acquire while adventuring.  As such, there are a few rules regarding loot and the process of acquiring loot while in a Salvation fellowship or raid.

Fellowship Loot Rules

The main rule for rolling on loot is to only roll if it is immediately useful to the character you are currently playing, particularly on armor and jewelry drops in instances.  Pots and vendor trash are generally free-for-all, but items you may want for another character should be taken first by anyone present who can use them.

Bind on Acquire Items - When the roll dialogue box appears, first examine the item.  If it is an item that would be an upgrade for the character you are currently playing, you may choose to roll.  If it is not an upgrade, choose to pass.  If no one claims the item, you may then take it.

Recipes - When the roll dialogue box appears, first examine the recipe.  If you have the associated profession on the character you are currently playing and do not already know the recipe, you may roll and ask the others to pass.  If you do not have the associated profession, or you already know the recipe, choose pass.  If no one claims the recipe, you may then take it.

Raiding Policy

Each scheduled raid will have a Raid Leader.  Generally, the member or officer who posts the event is the raid leader, but an alternate may be designated at the start of the event.  Raids will be filled based on several criteria:
  • Players who sign up on the kinship calenday will receive preference
  • Raid makeup will be heavily considered, as having the correct class makeup is essential to success
  • Once sign-ups and makeup have been considered, other players may be invited to join the raid
  • Players who are tardy may be replaced based on the judgement of the Raid Leader
Raid Requirements

When attending a raid you are expected to be fully repaired, carrying stacks of appropriate food, potions, hope tokens, and warding and battle scrolls.  Preparations also include what Salvation considers Raid-Ready.  Raiding is not a requirement to be a part of Salvation, but if you decide that it is important to you, you must prepare your characters before participating.

To view general and specific raid requirements, please visit the Salvation Raid Requirements.

Raid Ladders

Having evaluated several different systems, we chose a ladder loot system for what we consider to be the most fair distribution of raid loot.  The first time a player joins a Salvation raid, they will be placed at the bottom of the respective ladder (if more than on join a raid for the first time, they will roll for position).  Players at the top of the ladder get priority for loot, but then are moved to the bottom of the ladder after taking the raid drop.  All players move up the ladder by defeating raid bosses.  
When a ladder item drops, the player in the raid in the highest position on that ladder will have two options:
  1. Take the item.  In this case, the player drops to the bottom of the ladder after accepting the item.
  2. Pass on the item.  In this case, the player maintains their position on the ladder.  The process then repeats for the player in the second position, third position, etc.  If no one chooses to use their ladder position to accept the item, the item with then be subject to an open roll.
When a player accepts a raid drop item and moves to the bottom of the ladder, everyone else in the current raid moves up one position.  Those that are not in the current raid maintain their position and do not move up or down the ladder.

Ladder positions are tracked by player, not by character.  If one player has multiple characters, they will all be tracked under one position

When we have a fill-in (someone who does not run with Salvation regularly and is simply there to help out), they can either be added to the ladder or chose to roll for each ladder item that drops.  If the player rolls a ninety-two (92) or higher, they win the item, and the ladder is disregarded for that particular drop.  Once the fill-in player wins one ladder item, they may not roll again during that raid.

Jewelry, Weapons, IXP runes, and LI relics

Item Experience (IXP) runes and Legendary Item (LI) relics from raid chests will be distributed through master looting by the raid leader following a free roll.  If the the Raid Leader forgets to set the loot rule to master loot, all members will select "pass" on the roll dialogue box, and the Raid Leader will call for a free roll.  The player with the highest roll may select his or her reward; the second highest roll will go second; and so forth.

Jewelry and weapon raid chest drops will generally be distributed through a free roll.  If a member wishes, he or she may use their spot on the raid armor ladder to claim the jewelry or weapon

Conduct during Raids and Instances

We expect all players who sign up for a raid or instance run to show up on time and stay for the full duration of the raid.  If you cannot stay for the entire raid, please let the Raid Leader know as soon as possible so a replacement can be found for when you leave.  If you know you cannot attend a raid after having signed up, either remove yourself from the raid sign-up list or notify an officer.

While in a raid or instance, the run must have your full attention.  Excessive AFKs or disruptions may potentially result in your removal from the raid and/or a warning from Salvation officers.  Please show up thirty (30) minutes prior to the posted start time of the run so grouping and summoning can be done.

You are expected to pay attention to your in-game surroundings, listen to the Fellowship/Raid Leader, and play your class to the best of your abilities.  The group Leader may ask you to retrait based on group makeup and the specific raid or instance being run.

ALL MEMBERS are required to be on Ventrilo during raids, as all communication will be done via Ventrilo.  You are not required to have a microphone, but you are required to log on and listen to the Raid Leader and raid members.  Voice chat is much more responsive than text chat, and, in raids, it can prevent a wipe or secure a kill.  So please make sure you are using Ventrilo.  *
Some 3p and 6p instances do not require a tremendous amount of communication (see School/Library), but Ventrilo is still suggested.*
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