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Welcome to Desert Madmen !

We are a casual guild on the Rathe that specializes in Old school raids, Completing every epic, Anguish runs, and acting like a bunch of raving retards. This guild is managed by veterans of the game who have played for a decade, we aren't a guild ran by a few bored teenagers, we don't raid every week, but when we do : we actually know what we're doing and we get it done.

We aren't like the other casual guilds, we will actually help you !

If you have any game questions, spell research requests, need any assistance with quests, or the retrieval of a guild bank item, feel free to email the management at - Every email will be answered.

Remember, we're here to help ! Don't be afraid to email a request ! 



Tacvi schooled ! Gates of Discord completed !

Mister_Rad, Nov 12, 09 6:17 AM.
Taelosia has been liberated ! Thousands of little ghost elf fuckers rejoice !  Water flasks for all !

This zone is fun as hell, a ton of boss fights and many relevant clicks & augs to be plundered.





Txevu destroyed ! All keyed up for Tacvi !

Mister_Rad, Nov 12, 09 6:12 AM.
Commander's room looking clean ! You could only kill the boss of this zone with pets, it was ridiculous.
We had to whip out all our Planes of Power pet weapons and let our procs whittle him down like a sexy piece of wood. 
Made some good use of the LDoN pet proc aug !


Inktuta shattered like a bad water flask !

Mister_Rad, Nov 12, 09 6:03 AM.
This one was rough ! Sixteen men needed for the beatle event, then you have to kite death touching ghosts while getting flung around by Noquifiel.
+100 HP and +100 Mana augs were found, and we got a neat purple priest weapon. God I love the weapon graphics from this expansion.

Taking a bite out of Barxt in Uqua

Mister_Rad, Nov 12, 09 5:58 AM.
Many ghosts were spanked on this day. Many funnies were made in the bomb chambers.

Water flasks delivered to the Gods

Mister_Rad, Nov 12, 09 5:54 AM.

Yes, you're god damn right we did.  We beat Plane of Time.

Call up Grandma, tell her this shit is getting serious.


Today is our birthday ! Its a celebration bitches !

Mister_Rad, Jul 14, 09 12:19 PM.
Yeah bitches ! The guild has been created ! Expect to see some shit happen.
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