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MANY PEOPLE HAVE  ASKED , SO HERE IS THE  COMPLETE DEFINITION I hope its not too confusing but at least  you get the idea of where the name comes  from ~ ZATIRA

Created by a king on his half-Apollite children, there are two were-hunter branches. Katagaria, and Arcadian. However, the Greek Fates didn't like the idea, and demanded their immediate destruction. When the king refused, the Fates cursed them into a war between the species.

Were-Animals/ Clans

-Wolves- Lykos
-Bears- Ursulan
-Panther- Panthiras
-Leopards- Pardalia
-Snow Leopards- Niphetos Pardalia
-Cheetah- Helikias
-Tigers- Tigarian
-Hawks/Falcon- Gerakian
-Jaguar- Balios (The Arcadian half was wiped out by Savitar)
-Dragons (Generally Remain In The Past) - Drakos
-Jackals- Tsakali
-Lion- Litarian


Katagaria are creatures that hold animal hearts, but have the ability to turn human. They wield magic easily, and travel in packs forming strong family ties, only going near humans (and human form) for food supplies and sex. They return to animal form when sleeping, eating or injured. It is hard for them to be human in daylight or when hurt, and only the most powerful magically can do it. Enemy to the Arcadians, though in some rare cases Katagaria have mated with or switched base forms (human or animal) with Arcadians. They have one destined mate, (when they sleep together for the first time they get marks on their palms) and if the two do not do that before three weeks are over, the males become impotent, sterile and eventually cannot use magic (as sex is they only way they can charge their powers.) The females also become sterile, but are otherwise unaffected. Non-mated Katagari cannot become pregnant or receive sexually-transmitted diseases.


Creatures that have human hearts, but can turn into animals (though they return to human form when eating, sleeping or injured.) They also wield magic, the most powerful being the Aristo. There are groups called Sentinels, sent to hunt Katagaria Slayers, and guard Aristo's, beings of incredible magical power, although they seldom just kill Slayers, slaughtering any Katagaria they meet. On rare occasions Arcadians have mated with or switched base forms with Katagaria. They also travel in packs, often living mainly in the past where humans will not notice the fighting, and the leader of each animal form attends the Omegrion with the Katagari leaders (though the Arcadian Jaguars were wiped out by Savitar because the leader "pissed him off.")


All Were-Hunters Have The Same Powers.
- Change Into The Opposite Form (i.e. Animals To Human, Vice Versa)
- Psychic Abilities.
-In-Human Strength
-In Animal Form Their Senses Rise


There is only one main weakness; electric shocks will cause them to continually shift forms, depending on the strength of the shock. A strong enough one will force them out of their bodies so they become ghosts. A special weapon that does this called a "Phaser" has been developed. Although most Were-Hunters can use their powers through the day, most revert to their base form because it is painful not to. They're much stronger during the night, and often travel on motorcycles if they don't "flash" (teleport.) During full moon, many young Were's go wild, biting anything they come into contact with.


Certain Were-Hunters (like the Peltiers; Katagarian bears) run Sanctuary's, where any Were can come if injured or hunted. There are rules however; if a Were is judged insane, they are hunted (as is anyone who attempts to help them) and banned from Sanctuary. No-one is allowed to fight in a sanctuary, and if one starts the first to attack is banned from that particular sanctiary. They are closely protected by Savitar against non-were interference, and Daimons, Apollites and Were-Hunters (as they are all related) are all protected classes- if they are in a Sanctuary and someone attacks them (if the ruling family cannot prevent it) then Savitar will be allowed to get involved. Humans are allowed to visit and work in but are not a protected class, due to Savitar's "all humans are vermin" mindset. It is also against the law for humans to know what really goes on there, leading to few human workers in any particular Sanctuary. The Omerigon decide who can run a sanctury, and they may only be set up where needed. The two most well known are The Inferno in Minnesota (a club run by Dante Pontis, a Katagarian panther) and Sanctuary In New Orleans (run by the Peltiers.) To keep in with the "no fighting" policy, the Sanctuary in New Orleans has a warning system for their clientele when Acheron arrives (he is the only Dark-Hunter who visits regularaly) in the form of the song "Sweet Home Alabama." As he is sworn to kill all Daimons he finds and they can often be found there it gives them the chance to leave before he enters. This has caused problems, however, as often an unsuspecting human will put the song on the jukebox, causing almost all the people there (including Were-Hunters who are afraid of him) to run for cover.


The Omegrion is the Governing body for Were's and Arcadians, on the Island of Naratiti (Savitars moving island they must be sommoned to to find, as he "likes his privacy") and governed by Savitar; a Chthonian (God Killer) and All That Was And Ever Shall Be Again, a being of awesome power, cynicism, ruthlessness and sarcasm (he claims he does not fight; "I just kill whoever annoys me.") He is the ultimate judge and peacekeeper for Were's, protecting the Sanctuaries (though he is rarely needed) and oversees the whole nation (it is not revealed who he is or how he came to rule the council, and his attitude towards it suggests it was not his choice.) He has few friends, those known being Acheron (who he calls Grom, a surfer term for an under 15 year old, showing he is far older than Ash, who himself is 11,000 years old) Ash's wife, Tory and Simi, Ash's demon companion, whom he feeds on a regular basis. He also has a strange relationship with Apollymi, Ash's mother, which seems to be of mutual dislike and respect, and hints that they know each other well and have done favours for each other in the past have been dropped (Savitar convinced the other Chthonians not to kill her for destroying the Atlantian Gods. Usually it seems they would have killed her for killing one god, let alone an entire pantheon. This also suggest he has great power/influence with the other Chthonians.) Though he claims to be cynical and emotionless, he is an incredibly loyal friend, willing to allow Ash and his family to

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