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Thank you for your interest in joining Bound for Hell. Before you proceed with the Application process, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our rules, Policies, and procedures. Also, please notice the bar at the top of the screen. Mousing over each of the small Icons will give more information about what classes we are looking for and where we currently are in Raid Progression.

If all of the following is okay with you, please click the link "Join Bound from Hell" at the top of the screen and fill out our applications. A message will be placed in our Officer's Forums and they will review it at their earliest convenience. If you have not heard from a member of our Recruitment team within a week from your posting, please feel free to contact any member in-game and we will get you to the right person.

The following is our current guild-wide policies. All members of BFH are required to follow these rules at all times.

  •         Respect the other members of the guild.
  •         Remember you represent the guild when dealing with people outside the guild so act appropriately.
  •         We are playing the game to have fun.  Let's keep it that way.  Enjoy the game.  
  •         Help out fellow guild members when you can.
  •         If you are having issues talk to a member of the council.
  •         Keep sensitive issues such as religion and politics out of guild chat.  
  •         Raid, loot, and ranks will all have their own rule sets.

Within our guild are several Ranks. Upon joining, you too will have one. The Following is a brief description each one and what their responsibilities are.

            All new members will start here and wait for their chance to do trial runs with the guild to determine Ability Level.
            A probationary member can be promoted or removed from the guild at any time, based on their performance.

            This title is reserved for our members who cannot raid for whatever reason. 
            Members who show promise but are still not ready to raid will also go here. It is recommended that you sign up and attend our Old School raids for the experience and gear.

        Member Alt
            All Alternate Characters go here.
            Please note that you may bring your alt to raids but Mains will receive priority for gear over you.

            Has proven to be ready to raid by their abilities shown in other raid situations. They have also demonstrated self motivation by studying upcoming fights for themselves.
            All members are appropriately geared, enchanted, Gemmed, and Speced.
        Class Leader
            Has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they know their Class/Spec and can help other members find other resources for class specifics that they do not know.
            Monitor performance of members of their specialties and inform the council of members who are doing well or only subpar.

            Orchestrates day to day activities of the guild and organizes guild events.
            The council is an elected body and elections are held periodically.

While attending a Bound for Hell lead raid, the following is expected of each attendant.

  1. Be prepared to raid.  Have any supplies you need before raid time.  Learn a little bit about fights before we tackle them. 
  2. Use the calendar.  Update it if you know your status has changed so the raid leader has an idea who will be available.
  3. Invites will start 15 minutes before the scheduled raid time.  Let us know if you will be late. 
  4. The raid leader is in charge of the raid, show him your respect.
  5. If you have not done a fight with us before let the raid leader know.
  6. The goal is to have fun.  Keep the qq down.  It makes the experience bad for everyone.
  7. We do want progression.  Learn the fights, learn your class.  Dual spec can be invaluable.  Some fights do have different needs.
  8. The meters are a tool.  They give one indication of performance.  There is a lot more to being a good player than topping the meters.  The best player is the one that is doing everything that he should.  If you do insane dps but die or are taking excessive damage you are not playing well.  If your dps is lower than normal and you were decursing or interrupting, etc.. you were doing what you were supposed to. 
  9. The raid leader may and is encouraged to bring in substitutes frequently.  Substitutions may be made because of performance, or to get someone in that needs gear off a boss in place of someone that needs nothing.  They may be made to change the group make up to make a fight easier.  They may be made to get more people experience on bosses. 
  10. Minimize down time during raids.  We will try to schedule a couple of breaks, but the less down time we have the more bosses we down.
  11. There is no shame in admitting that your internet is giving you fits, etc.. and you cannot perform well.
  12. If you think you have a better strategy for a boss that we are working on talk with the raid leader.  Do not fill raid chat/vent with ideas during the run.  Try to talk with him before the raid, otherwise pst him.  We do want to look at different ways of approaching something if we are having problems. 
  13. Pst the Raid Leader before going afk.  We do understand Real life can butt in.  Just try to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  14. People that are being awarded epgp points for being on standby should be available within 2 minutes of being asked to join the raid.  If you want to go off and do something besides sit at the entrance make sure that we have a warlock or leave your main at the entrance and play an alt.  Don't make 24 people wait on you to finish something up besides ending a fight that you are currently in and logging over to your main. (So no running instances or other things that cannot be wrapped up quickly)

The Following is the Loot distribution rules for Bound For Hell led Raids:

        You will need EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster addons for loot.

        Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum, Eye of Eternity

  • The default Blizzard loot UI will be used for all of these runs. Please click Need (the Dice) if you can use the item for your Mail spec and Greed (the Dice) for your off Spec
  • You might be asked to let the gear go to another player if you win the roll in epgp.  Remember that some players might not have good gear yet.  If it is BIS or close you might still want it but it does pay off for the guild to be gracious.


  • Roll Need for tier gear main spec and greed for tier gear off spec.
  • Roll Need for PvP gear that you want

        Emalon & Koralon

  • EPGP will be used for Tier gear. (See below for rules on EPGP)
  • Roll need for pvp gear that you want. EPGP will not be used.

        Ulduar & Trial of the Crusader

  • EPGP system will be used to distribute loot.
  • Mains have priority over alts.  Alts should always greed for something they want. 
  • Need means you want something for your main spec and are willing to use points.
  • Greed means you want something for off spec or it is something that is a small upgrade and you do not want to use points.  If you greed you may be asked to let an alt have the gear if you win.
  • Idols, Totems, and Sigils will be distributed for no points.  Hit need for main spec and greed for off spec.
    (NOTE: Once again be gracious, if you really wanted it you would have Needed.  If the item is a big upgrade for a main they should have needed.)

EPGP and other mods

All Raiders will need to get EPGP and have it installed to their World of Warcraft / Interface / Addons Directory prior to going on a raid. It is your responsibility to get this and keep it updated. you can get the mods from Curse, but for peace of mind, here are the links.


EPGP Loot Master

The following details how points are given out during a raid. For more information on how EPGP works, please contact a Council member.

Recurring awards during:
Flame Leviathan 3 or 4 towers
XT Hard mode
IC Hard mode
Keepers and beyond

rate 50/10 minutes

will stop if we are seeing excessive downtime between attempts

Boss Kills:
250 pts for entry
500 pts for keepers and beyond
500 pts for new raid bosses
double points for hard mode
double points for first kill
250 pts for Emalon
500 pts for Kolaron

Decay will be 10% per week

One time entry for 1000 ep for having your main properly enchanted .  Talk to your class leader to get it.

You can choose to have your main and alts share a common pool of points.  This is really useful for the people that are asked to switch frequently.

Other Core addons that you should think about getting are:


Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs Bossmods

Recount Recommended. NOT required

Healbot or Vuhdo For Healers (Also not required but makes your job easier)

PallyPower (Paladins only)

Decursive (only needed if you can remove magic, poison, curses, etc.)

Again, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or complaints, please contact one of our council members in game.

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Council Member
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