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Welcome to Ymir's Path website

Ymir's Path is the clan defending Dvergheim agenst its internal and external enemies.

Ymir's Path is an lore clan operating out of Dvergheim. In pratice this means that Ymir's path only accept Blue players from the races of Dwarfs, Humans and Mirdain. This also include that members of Ymir's path can't kill other Blue players unless forced into it.

The vision of Ymir's Path is to reclaim Dvergheim into the ways of Ymir and purged the lands of hostiles.
In pratice this include hunting down criminals (reds) in Dvergheim and in the long run retake the holdings in Dvergheim that is controlled by clans contaning hostile elements to Dvergheim.


Closing Down

Lamsebamse Odovacar, Mar 11, 10 9:41 AM.
Ymir's Path is closing down due to inacitivity for more info see the forum.

It was a nice run while it last but lets make sure the ideals don't go to waist and bring them with us to future clans.

Entertainment if bored

Lamsebamse Odovacar, Feb 3, 10 5:37 AM.
If bored give this DF vidio a view.

Diplomatic Changes

Lamsebamse Odovacar, Dec 14, 09 6:06 AM.
The Political stand of the clan have been updated please check the annuncment tread.
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