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Formation and Recruitment
Jul 20, 09 11:16 PM
Ailon Nova Guard

Welcome potential customer or recruit, to Ailon Nova Guard private military

Who we Are, past and present:
The origins of the Ailon Nova Guard are traced back to the elite warriors of the Ailon race found in the Ailon system in the inner rim. Only comparable to by the warrior race known as the Mandalorians, the Ailon Nova Guard of today are still the elite and glory seeking warriors of the past.

What we do:
With a rich history, the Soldiers of Fortune of today's ANG have a higher sense of honor and organization, placing themselves above the average "Rag-tag" mercenary. With experienced leadership and organized tactics and formality the Ailon Nova Guard rise to the challenge of an organized and professional private military.

Why we fight: The Ailon Nova Guard are a military who take pride in courage and performance on the battlefield. Born and raised to fight for the glory of battle, the Ailons are a natural breed or warriors who believe in survivor of the fittest.

Soldiers of the Ailon Nova Guard: The soldiers who fight alongside one another under the banner of the Ailon Nova Guard are a soldier like none other, with the proud history and the courage they fight for the glory of battle anf to fortunes of the victory.

Employers of the Ailon Nova Guard: Those who seek the specialties of a private military contractor are those who have special goals in mind. The Ailon Nova Guard specialize in many varieties of tasks that can be useful to any military, any police force and any privately owned organization or individual. With experience in protection, assaults, captures, escorts and much much more, the Ailon Nova Guard are the most qualified contractors to handle any combat related task you have.


Formation and Recruitment

Dustinzzo Kami, Jul 20, 09 11:16 PM.
The Ailon Nova Guard has reformed and is currently recruiting. The Guard is looking for any species willing to join our ranks. If you meet the qualifications to join the Ailon Nova Guard, then contact Dustinzzo kami for further information.

Current Requirements:

  • Any Species (Except Wookie or Trandoshian)
  • Background experience in Law enforcement or Military.(Other experience may be used. Be sure to ask)
  • Must be able to provide own required armor(Financial help can be requested)
  • Must show respect to leaders and officers within the ANG
  •  Must be Level 25+
  • Must be age 15+
  • Must be a mature player
  • Must follow the rules set forward by the leaders. No exceptions.

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