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Atlas Shrugged

Hello and welcome to our website. Atlas Shrugged is primarily focused on the PVP content that is present within Aion online, however, this does not mean we ignore, negate or do not participate in PVE content. Our objective is simple; to be as successful in our endeavours as anyone else on the server, if we are not in the top 5 guilds we have failed you and ourselves. We desire to be one of, if not the best guild on the server, in both the fundamental aspects of Aion, and to irritate, troll, and incite as much anger amongst the playerbase as is possible, our philosophy is that if you are susceptible to our ridiculousness, and angered by it, than you deserve what ever ill-effects come as a result.

We are not your average guild, we do not desire to be, nor do we have any intention of being recognised as such. We are the players whom you love to hate, we're sublime at the game, our skill in PVP and PVE, is and will always be unparalleled. We certainly don't strive for popularity amongst the server playerbase, post what you want, do what you want, SAY what you want, troll and insult anyone and everyone. But, if you are not excellent in the avenues in which you are required to be, do not apply, do not expect to be carried, do not expect to ride on the coattails of those in the guild who-are-amazing.

Our officer core has over 6 years of MMO experience, heralding from WoW, primarily, with brief stints in both WAR and AoC(yes I know wow hasn't been out for 6 years HURR HURR) we have taken part in server firsts, and been in guilds that have achieved all that anyone can expect from them, guilds that are currently sitting in the top 50 US.

Our PVP skill is what we like to think, justifies our(mine and my officer's) douchery. Having achieved 2300 arena rating in both 2's and 3's. Now whilst some may scoff at this, there is NO denying that WoW, at this level of PVP, is fair articulation of ones ability to PVP.

We also understand that if you aren't a neck bearded virgin you probably have friends and a social life, thus, we do not have guild activities(PVP/PVE) everyday, however, when your attendance is required, we expect your participation.

We do not, and will never, condone mediocrity of any kind, if you click, keyboard turn or just bad at life in general, please darling, don't apply, if you do somehow get an invite, you will be removed.

love, your captain, commander of the SS anus, Henry Winkler.


BETA event inc, 31st July till 3 August, be there, or bew jewish.

Snugglethemuggle, Jul 24, 09 7:44 AM.
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