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Welcome to Azazuel! Please read the following message from Kalanj and Meglynn!

Please note: We are still a fairly new guild. The leader Kalanj and i, Meglynn- the director, are still learning new things about the game everyday. so please bare with us.

About the guild
We are an active, friendly, mature, and helpful guild.

This means, not always will we be able to help you with your quests or questions but we will do what we can when we can to the best of our ablility. Remember we are still fairly new ourselves. Note: be kind to low lvl players and newbies- you once was one too!

If you have not logged on for 20 days you will be kicked from the guild. You can always rejoin by messaging an officer but please plan on being more active when you return. If you come to special circumstances that keep you from loggin on please let an officer, Kalanj, or Meglynn know and we will make a note of it.

We do not tolerate agruing, deliberate rudeness, and insults to any of the guild members or to any other guild that is in alliance with us. In doing so will reslult to kick/ban from the guild. We try to recruit players who are 15 and older. We do not and will not censor people's freedom of speech. on occasion there might be adult content and swearing with in the guild chat. I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. If you are one that is easily offended. "sensetive type", or do not believe in freedom of speech... please do feel free to leave the guild at anytime.
Parents: this is not a guild for your 11 yr old. Bringing your children into this guild is done with this understanding and at your discretion.

Rules and guidelines

There is a 3 day probationary period before attaining rank. After that your rank is determined by your level, activeness, friendlyness and how helpful you are towards the memebers and our allies.

Please do not beg for money. Money in this game is easy to attain by selling to vendors, through the auction house, being your own shop, or by killing creatures. Results will be removal of guild.

If you have problems with another member or an allie please let Kalanj or me, Meglynn, know asap when we are on or through emailing us on the website and we will take care of the situation. If you have a problem with Kalanj or myself.... guild quit. It is not worth your time or effort to agrue with us.

Please do not spam! That does get annoying to alot of players. If no one answer then ask someone through pm. Please limit the amount of caps you use inside the guild chat. Results will be demotion or removal of the guild.

Thank you for joining Azazuel! Have fun!


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darkangels666, Jul 26, 09 12:54 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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