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Hail and Welcome

Welcome to the home of Danger Associated

Windfola Server - 1 High Road - Bainburg Neighbourhood

Danger Associated is a very informal kinship, levying no game-time, monetary contribution or level of accomplishment as conditions of membership. We have a very strong stance against cheating, exploits and the “gold market”. If there is some level of quality we ask of our members, it’s to be found in traits of honesty, fair play, a willingness to be helpful without imposition, and respect for other players. Styles of play are respected. Quality of character is valued over quantity of members.

At present, we have members playing geographically in the U.S., and we would welcome other LOTR/LOTRO players that mix well with us.  Submit your application through Guildportal, if our kinship's standards meets with your liking.


No job too small, no fee too big:

Where danger is more than just a way of life.

DA News

Ariadine has reached 85!

The White Shadow, Nov 27, 12 1:02 AM.
In usual fashion, Doderik has worked hard and gotten his first 85 since the RoR level cap raise.  Good on ya, Dods!

More 75's!

The White Shadow, Aug 2, 12 11:54 AM.
Adding even more 75's to the list, we have Berget, Finnli, Lilani, Elothil and Ariadine fully-leveled and ready for the new Riders of Rohan expansion to come.  Good on you, Dods!

Dionysuss is Level 75!

The White Shadow, Jan 9, 12 2:35 PM.
In his usual hard-working and tireless manner, Dionysuss comes in as our second level 75 character during the RoI level cap.  Good on ya!
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