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Welcome to the Elite guild!
Runes of Magic - Govinda

Thank you for joining the Elite guild. This guild was founded by four real-life friends to stay in contact with each other over the long distances they live apart from one another. Those four people are Blindspot, Learwbc, Imortalisle, and last, but definitely not least, Amrylin.

After forming the Elite guild they soon found they needed help, and wanted to help, other cool and casual players; the recruiting began. Soon, there were so many people in the guild, the exponential growth the guild had experienced left the founder's dumbfounded. We grew so big, so quick, the guild was full in less than a week. In an attempt to make room for more active players, some less active members were forced to leave the guild. If this pertains to you and you wish to be re-included, please leave a message and this will be corrected.

What does the Elite guild offer? Well, we offer freedom, fun, friendship, ventrilo, crafting equipment, guild castle, and this website. The only rule we have, is that you remain an active member of our tight-knit community. If you choose to contribute time and resources, your rank in the guild can and will be increased to give you special permissions within the guild.

If this sounds like the kind of guild you would like to join, please leave a message or PST in-game to one of the founders and we will arrange to have you included.

You are now Elite. Welcome and happy hunting.

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Guild castle

learwbc, Apr 20, 10 1:41 AM.
Forgot to mention that we had guild castle.  We had it for a while now.  If anyone would like to help us get a library we would very much welcome you and appreciate your help.  We already have the academy, which is needed to get the library.  Please use the in-game mailbox to message learwbc for invites....or just to give tips if you want.  thanks and happy gaming.

Elite guild soars past level 6!!!

├člindspot, Aug 11, 09 9:40 AM.
Congratulations everyone!!! We have achieved guild level 6!!! When I shouted that out in world chat, I was bombarded by IMs saying "Way to go!" and "Good job!" When the Elite guild was formed, we wanted to enroll players that enjoyed Runes of Magic just as much as we do. Over the years I have been in many guilds, from Ultima Online guilds, to Everquest guilds, to City of Heroes teams, to Guild Wars guilds, etc., etc., and never have I seen the kind of teamwork and togetherness this guild exhibits. We have been working hard to gather resources for a guild castle and those dreams are one step closer to reality. Thank you everyone.

The Elite guild is full!!!

├člindspot, Aug 8, 09 4:14 PM.
Due to the amount of people wanting to join the Elite, I have had to dismiss a few low level, barely ever on, members of the guild. If you are on the website roster or a very active member you will not be dismissed. If I mistakenly dismissed someone that is an active member. Please let me know, I will re-invite you. Thanks and Happy Hunting ;P

The Elite guild reaches lvl 5!!!

├člindspot, Aug 8, 09 4:06 PM.
I would like to thank everyone for contributing to the guild. We made it to level 5 in no time. Level 7 is right around the corner. I do not see many other guilds getting to level 5 in less than 2 week. Guild castle, here we come!!!
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