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Auto Roster Update

Antisteve, Aug 7, 09 9:53 PM.

Guild portal has a add on for WoW that will keep the sites roster updated. It is currently out of date given the recent update. As soon as it becomes available again I will update the sites real time roster for the guild. This roster will only be viewable by members. The roster is just one of several items that are only viewable by site members so be sure to sign up !
*** UPDATE ***

The add on is now functioning. If you have joined the site you should be able to navigate to the roster. is offline

Antisteve, Aug 5, 09 12:41 PM.

Just an FYI guys. is now offline. This is probably old news to you by now. Thanks to Taonga & Rangi for hosting the site for so long.

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Auto Roster Update
Aug 7, 09 9:53 PM is offline
Aug 5, 09 12:41 PM
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