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Sep 3, 09 4:28 PM
Giants, Giants, Giants!!!
Aug 21, 09 12:46 AM
Aug 7, 09 2:22 PM
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Welcome to <Assault>'s website.  We are a guild on the Mayong server.

We will start raids very soon.  We will be working on 1.5 epics and PoTime, to quickly gear up for the next expansion(DoN), then move on from there.

We are currently recruiting all classes and levels !  For more information you can ask a question on our general forums, or send a tell or in-game e-mail to any of the following officers:
Crnobog, Hobb, Missindependant, Ventan, Lousy, or Shinron.

Thank you for your interest in <Assault>!!!


Lousy The Defiler, Sep 3, 09 4:28 PM.
fail owned pwned pictures

Giants, Giants, Giants!!!

Gosan Kai, Aug 21, 09 12:46 AM.
Most of the guild wanted to try out the new Giants, Giants, Giants event, so we went for it.....

Tormax was a wimp, as was Vindi and Statue, even without a cleric on the raid our 2 shms kept the tanks up.  As for AoW....


He killed all of us but a couple FDing monks, then stomped on our corpses at 53%, then:

One of those very monkeys got him into the little hallway, for another try, but we only got him to 40%.  Still not too bad for having zero clerics and only 2 shaman as the healers.  Also, the MT went down after about 2% and our second tank stepped in for a bit, before he died and AoW slowly beat down our melees and pets.  All in all it was a valiant effort.

The quote of the night goes to Lousy.......



Gosan Kai, Aug 7, 09 2:22 PM.
We are filling up our ranks very quickly.  But, we are still looking for more active players to start PoTime raids! We have starting 1.5 epics and some PoP progression! Get in on the ground floor while you can!
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