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Welcome to the HKS Alliance page!

This is where Hatchet Rydaz, Kotton Mouth Kings, and Sabotage members can easily communicate and mingle.

Please check out our calender for upcoming events & forums for any information.

RAIDS:Why Signing up early is so important

Iviyah, Sep 22, 09 6:18 PM.
Dear Alliance:

I would like to reach out to everyone here to get things rolling. We have been doing these SAT 2:00 PM EST Raid for several weeks now but still can not get full participation. By full participation I do not only mean in the actual raids. This forum is part of the alliance. It is a tool that helps everything function. I want to STRONGLY urge people to at least sign up to raids ASAP! And here are some reasons why:

Appearance means a lot. When people try to sign up to an empty sign up sheet they get discouraged. a)"If we don't have enough people, why should I waste my time? I can go spend my Sat doing something else" b) "If no one else is commited, why should I be? I'm available, but I wont sign up to something that might be a time sink"

Signing up is a functional tool for a raid leader! If we know WHO is coming and HOW MANY PEOPLE we have, we can get the raid started  FASTER! Signing up is not only telling us you will go. It is telling you you cannot go, if you know ahead of time. 'Tentitive" and "cancelled' are just as good so we have a status update and don't waste time waiting on people.

Remember that if you do sign up and you  ARE online you get DKP for doing so. This is something we have been trying to implement but cannot because we do not have enough people. This alliance is the only way for our growing guilds to raid. Please hellp and participate.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

WickedNaruto, Aug 4, 09 3:03 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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