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Fossil Gaming is currently recruiting the following:
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Conjuror (2)
Necromancer (1)
Warlock (2)
Wizard (1)
Defiler (2)
Fury (1)
Inquisitor (1)
Mystic (2)
Templar (1)
Warden (1)
Assassin (2)
Brigand (2)
Dirge (1)
Ranger (2)
Swashbuckler (2)
Troubador (2)
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Welcome to Fossil Gaming

We are a mature, close-knit group of gamers, many of whom have been playing MMORPGs as early as 1999.

Currently Fossil's game focus is Everquest 2 on the Guk Server, We are currently looking for some key classes to balance our own raid force. We have recently hosted raids in WoE, ToMC, SoH, and plan to host VP in the near future.

Our primary focus as a guild is to help members complete their Mythicals and obtain 200 AAs in preparation for the coming expansion. We raid 2-3 times per week in the EST/PST time zone.

Joining Fossil

Fossil is a level 63 Guild with 43 active members. The average level of our members is level 80 on their Main characters.

We are part of a tight-knit Raiding Alliance with Noble Vagrants and Tears of the Shattered Moon. Allied raid events generally start at 7:30pm PST (10:30pm EST). This includes both public and closed DKP raid events. Members are expected to help with public Alliance-led events if and when needed.

Our primary raid focus for the next few weeks includes raiding content to complete Mythicals. We are currently seeking a few more members to complete out our WoE groups and fill out our Alliance Raid Group for mandatory Allied events and to assist with open server Alliance-led events.

To Apply

Contact one of our recruitment officers in-game, or fill out an application form using the format provided 
on our forums.

High Need Classes include:

  • Templar (2)
  • Mystic (2)
  • Defiler (1)
  • Dirge (1)
  • Troubador (2)
  • Assasin (1)
  • Swashbuckler (1)

Requirements Preamble

We intend to remain a close, drama-free group of adults, and as such our recruitment methods are selective. We want the experience of all our members, new and old, to be as enjoyable as possible. For that, we are interested in players who have similar goals and objectives as we do and expect to give as much as they want to receive. We're not hard-core, but we do have expectations and will not tolerate selfish, dramatic or stupid behavior.

Because we are focusing on progressed raid content, we expect that you have commensurate gear, ALL of your current Adept 3s (or better), experience and AA's to bring to the table
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