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European: Aggramar (PvE)
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Welcome to Wyrm Slayers!
EU Aggramar
                 Wyrm Slayers is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Team. We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays 20:30 - 23:00 CEST. 

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(read)Black Fuse HC dead.... OMG... FINALLY!
(read)Wyrm Slayers is now recruiting!
(read)Thok died last week! Working on Siege master!
(read)Thok dies today
(read)Wyrm Slayers 10 Man HC Progress back on track
(read)No Longer recruiting
(read)Wyrm Slayers are looking for 2 Healers and 5 DPS currently!
(read)So far so good!
(read)Recruitment drive is finished but we are still accepting exceptional DPS.
(read)Wyrm Slayers now recruiting for 25 man!
(read)EU Draenor cya later! Hello Aggramar
(read)8/14 HC Back on track!
(read)3/14 HC But we want more!
(read)13/14 in the first week ran out of time on Garrosh...
(read)Making steady progress in SOO
(read)Lei-shen HC one final push ended up on 4% wipe :'(
(read)HC Dark Animus is finally down!
(read)HC Megaera 10 man finally down
(read)We are recruiting a healer!
(read)Currently doing 1 new heroic boss a week
(read)Wyrm Slayers has moved to Draenor!
(read)Wyrm Slayers Video Kills!
(read)6 Boss Kills one week
(read)Wyrm Slayers is recruiting for a new tank!
(read)Wyrm Slayers downs HC Wind Lord, now realm second.
(read)HC Garalon Down, HC Wind Lord at 1% Wipe (My Fault!)
(read)HC Will of the Emperor down! Garalon to follow Monday!
(read)3 More Heroic Kills to add!
(read)SHA of Fear and 3 new HC MV kills in one week!
(read)Youtube video kill blow out!
(read)Finally getting back on track!
(read)Despite set backs we solider on!
(read)HOF 2nd Boss
(read)Heroic Stone Guards down!
(read)Mogu'Shan Vaults Cleared, attempting Heroics next week.
(read)Currently Raiding MOP, Second Raid Team forming!
(read)MOP Release date confirmed, can't wait!
(read)Holly's picture featured on Fatboss Weekly!
(read)Hollys Picture of the raid leader
(read)Heroic Spine down, Madness to go!
(read)Warmaster down, Spine on 3rd plate and down soon
(read)Hagara HC Down, 5/8 Back to top spot Alliance side!
(read)Heroic Ultraxion down!
(read)Heroic Yor'Sahj Down!
(read)5th December Deathwing dead
(read)Wyrm Slayers Roster
(read)HC Beth'tilac down, Raggy is next!
(read)Wyrm Slayers is Recruiting!
(read)Wyrm Slayers!
(read)Ragnaros down!
(read)Death wing fight update!
(read)Finally I got enough Embers!
(read)Ragnaros at last!
(read)Móro's answer to people saying she's not a good a healer
(read)Apologies for the delay in screen shots so just like a waiting for a London bus here they all come!
(read)Maybe I shiould try to raid lead like this..... maybe not
(read)Shannox down!
(read)Alakir down! Other 10 bosses now on farm
(read)Cho'Gall Down, Ding dong the **** is dead!
(read)Council down, Cho'gall here we come!
(read)Chimaeron Down!
(read)Attramedes Down!
(read)Valiona down!
(read)Wyrm Slayers Maloriak Kill Vid!
(read)Maloriak Down!, Valonia down to 4%
(read)Halfus Down, Maloriak 6% Wipe!
(read)Wyrmslayers downs yet another boss!
(read)Magmaw down, ODS next!
(read)Conclave of the Four winds downed!
(read)Whale Shark down
(read)Baradin Hold Guild Run 10 man complete
(read)Our focus begins on Throne of the Four Winds!
(read)Blizzard fixed my bloody engineering!
(read)First raid day went well considering!
(read)All Guild HC Dungeons completed
(read)Wyrm Slayers VS the Lich King 10 Man Tutorial now live!
(read)While your waiting on the Lich King Tutorial Video
(read)Wyrm Slayers VS the Lich King 10 man full video
(read)Lich King Down Congratulations Team 1!
(read)Second week on lich king team 1 11/12 kills LK down to 60%
(read)ICC25 1st Run 5 boss downs
(read)Sindrigosa Down! Lich King Attempted.
(read)Blood Queen dead, Sindrigosa down to 18% on third try!
(read)Team 1 New Progress Lich King in sight!
(read)Week 2 Clear guild progress being made, Raid team 2 now active!
(read)7/12 Cleared in First week of Wyrmslayers Raiding ICC10, Raid Leader required for Team 2!
(read)After a long slumber the guild is back!
(read)TOC 10 Guild First 2 new boss downs!
(read)Ulduar 10 and 25 Progress!
(read)Naxx 25 Cleared!
(read)Merge with Network
(read)Wyrm Slayers first time in Ulduar a true success!
(read)Merger completed!
(read)Possible Guild Merge
(read)Naxx Run Thurday 8pm!
(read)Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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