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The Legion is a Champions Online Super Team dedicated to fighting evil and protecting the innocent!

The Legion was founded on the belief that anyone, not just super-powered individuals, could be a hero. Over time, six basic principles arose. These principles define what it is to be a hero.

Loyalty – Only when you are devoted to the cause of righteousness, can you be a hero.
Empathy – Only when you truly understand your fellow man, can you be a hero.
 Generosity – Only when you give without asking, can you be a hero.
Integrity - Only when you live truly by the ideals of heroism, can you be a hero.
Optimism – Only when you truly see the good in everything, can you be a hero.
Nobility – Only when you exhibit honesty, respect, and fairness, can you be a hero.

We are currently a "casual everything" SG and hope to have a something for everyone: PVP, PVE, End game raiding, RP, Min/Maxer, Power Gamers

Please excuse our appearance as we are still under construction. This is our temporary headquarters for open beta. We will be moving to a permanent site as soon as Champions Online goes live on September 1st!

See Our OFFICIAL Champions Online Recruitment Thread
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The Legion First Meeting!

Annx, Aug 17, 09 2:50 AM.
The founding members of the Legion will be meeting in Millenium City today, August 17th, 2009. This is so everyone can get acquainted with each other.

9:00PM EST
8:00PM CST
7:00PM MST
6:00PM PST

See you all there!

Temporary Headquarters for the Legion

Annx, Aug 12, 09 5:46 PM.
Welcome to the temporary headquarters for the Legion.
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