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Aug 14, 09 3:23 PM
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We are a level 10 Lord of the Rings Online kinship who are proud to uniquely dedicate ourselves bringing together listeners of metal, rock, punk and goth music on the [EN] Eldar Server! We are a very easy going social kinship who are well known for their rockin' parties, fuckin' awsome pub crawls and periodic worshipping of the shire durt.

We regularly chat and help each other out however we can - advising each other on quests, teaming up to fight alongside one another and passing on objects of specific value to each other. We also organise occasional meet ups and raids on higher level areas.

The Kin is characterised by strange kin-chat, abusing hobbits, drinking contests and impromptu gigs at various locations in Eriador. We arrange regular social events, music concerts and contests, such as our swimming races and horse races. Also, we are regular fellowshippers of quests, major instances and epic books for all levels, from the starter regions to the level cap enviroments. We are not a raiding kin but for our members who want to raid we are part of ERA (Eldar Raiding Alliance). Members are often on our voice chat server (Ventrilo) which can result in some rather interesting conversations and excellent fellowships.

We have a rocking kinhouse in the Bree Homesteads; kinchests in the house are available to all ful members of the kin.

Due to our adult orientated topics of conversation and certain occasional activities it is necessary for us to restrict the age of our member's to over 16's.

A Brief History of Metalheads.

Metalheads of Mordor was founded on 29th April 2007 by Sech at the beginning of the Eldar server. The kinship was then later taken over by Lyllith and Healorin in July 2008. Shortly after the launch of Mines of Moria Healorin left and Lyllith promoted Ronchan to Queen. In April 2009 Lyllith passed her Crown to Ronchan but they still run the kin together

External member groups
We have our own Facebook group which can be viewed here, and a group which can be viewed here. All Metalheads with Facebook and accounts are encouraged to join.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ravagon, Aug 14, 09 3:23 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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