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Foundations: needed for all buildings small for farm/forge, large for others
50 Gold
50 Ore, Wood, and Herb
50 Guild Runes

Academy I : first building required before building anything else
71500 Gold
3250 Ore, Wood, and Herb
210 Guild Runes

Academy II :
71965 Gold
8575 Ore
3250 Herb and Wood
330 Guild Runes

Academy III:
72667 Gold
21888 Ore, Wood, and Herb
546 Guild Runes

Library I : Reduces death debt by a certain %
81000 Gold
4550 Ore, Wood, and Herb
2500 Guild Runes

Library II : Requires Academy II
86310 Gold
11825 Ore, Wood, and Herb
5020 Guild Runes

Library III : Requires Academy III

Stable I : Increases players speed on mounts
72000 - Gold
3900 - Ore
3900 - Wood
3900 - Herbs
390 - Guild Runes

Stable II : Requires Academy II

Stable III : Requires Academy III

Farm I :
7200 Gold
2600 Ore and Wood
1950 Herbs
0 Guild Runes

Farm II : requires Academy II
9072 Gold
6950 Ore and Wood
5325 Herb
0 Guild Runes

Farm III : requires Academy III
11899 Gold
17825 Ore and Wood
13763 Herb
0 Guild Runes

Forge I :
7200 Gold
2600 Ore and Wood
1950 Herb
0 Guild Runes

Forge II : requires Academy II and Library I
9072 Gold
6950 Wood and Herb
5325 Ore
0 Guild Runes

Forge III: requires Academy III and Library II
11899 Gold
17825 Herb and Wood
13763 Ore
0 Guild Runes

2nd Guild Vault Page:
535800 Gold
1950 Ore, Wood, and Herb
4800 Guild Runes

Castle Throne:
100000 Gold
10000 Ore, Wood, and Herb
5000 Guild Runes


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