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Basic Guild Rules

1. Respect guildies and non guildies
No abusing accusing and/or threatening members, or any other players on the server. This gives the Guild, and yourself, a very bad name.
If someone has been involved in an incident all members involved are requested to speak to Officers/GM. In this case all will be investigated and the appropriate actions can be taken. News travels fast… especially BAD news.

2. Basic rules in Instances and on General Chat
Avoid yelling or swearing in a disturbing matter - report incorrect behavior through a GM ticket to the in-game GM's.
Do NOT attend an Instance if you are not sure you can finish the run. This causes delays and group loses.

3. No begging or asking for gold/silver/copper.
There is nothing more annoying in the game than people asking for money.

4. No heavy trade in the guild/ to guildies.
Avoid selling items to fellow guildies, giving is much nicer (Unless it is an item of exceptional worth or an epic item.)

5. Treat the game and guild members and any other players exactly how you also like to be treated. (What you give is what you get.)

6. Make your characters clear within the Guild.
Every member is requested to show in their Guild personal note info who their main character is. This can be especially useful on alts.

7. Finish what you have started.
When organizing an Event / Run / Raid that you have decided to start, please be sure to also finish it. Remember that ThorsWarriors has an event calendar for the organization of all group based events.

8. Discrimination and causing Offense.
Discussions that may discriminate or cause offense on the grounds of his or her sex, disability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief will not be tolerated. Anything that you say that may cause offense may lead to you being removed from the Guild. Please be careful what you write!


Guild Castle - Built!

renfr, Nov 7, 09 10:33 AM.
On November 6, 2009 at 7:11 PM PST, "'Thorswarriors' has successfully constructed a guild castle!."

A heartfelt "Thank you!" goes out to everyone who contributed, whether it be resources, gold, rubies, guild runes, or time. Thorswarriors could not have achieved this milestone without your support.

Sounds seem to be fixed

Calorrian, Oct 15, 09 11:14 PM.
After the last maintenance downtime, it seems the sounds are now fixed.

It was very annoying to hear someone across the screen sound like they were right next to you.

Anyways, this seems to be fixed now...

Guild Castle Requirements

Ragnorok310, Oct 15, 09 11:11 PM.
Hey ThorsWarriors. We have reached level 7 and I think we should start working towards our Castle.

We need: 360,000 Gold and 15,000 of each resource

Lets get our CASTLE!!!

Patch Version 2.1.1 - Aotulia Vulcano

Calorrian, Oct 7, 09 12:38 PM.

ThorsWarriors new ranking structure:

Calorrian, Sep 30, 09 2:21 PM.
Thor god of sky and thunder
Vice Leaders Loki god of fire, and mischief
Active Members Heimdall watchman of the gods
Contributing, less active members Vidar the silent one
Multiple characters Einherjar lone fighters, warriors of ragnarok
Members Valkyrie choosers of the slain
MIA's, unknowns Ullr little is known about this norse god

--< Thorswarriors >--
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