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Aug 24, 09 4:53 AM
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Guild Credo
We believe our first responsibility is to our members.
In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality.
We must constantly strive to increase our ability
in order to maintain competative progression.
Our officers and leaders must have an opportunity to make fair progression.
Everyone must be considered as an individual.
We must respec their dignity and recognize their merit.
They must have a sense of security in their positions.
Raid positions must be earned and fair, and raiding conditions must be clean, fun and orderly
Members must feel free to make suggestions and complaints.
There must be development and advancement for those qualified.
We must provide competent management, and their actions made be just and ethical.
We are responsible for the server in which we are on.
We must be good gamers - support ethical standars and contribute to the servers well being.
We must encourage respect and fairness.
We must maintain in good order the guild reputation we are priviledged to use.
The guild must make sound progression.
We must experiment with new ideas developed and mistakes paid for.
New gear must be aquired, new raids made available, and new progression achieved.
Stand-bys must be available for adverse times.
When we operate according to these principles, the members should realize a fair return
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Gotfury, Aug 24, 09 4:53 AM.

Congrats on downing Yogg-Saron last night! Video of the encounter will be posted soon. Enjoy the victory but remember that this is just the beginning of something truly epic! Now rest so that you may be ready for the trials we have yet to face.

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