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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for visiting! We're just now opening up shop, so nothing is really available at this time. I'm struggling to get the site up and running with custom graphics.

In the meantime, you can look around at the drabness and hear the halls echo.

Still here? Hrmmmm....glutton for punishment, eh? Ok, I'll tell you a brief story.

Once upon a time....

Yes, it's a typical fairy tale beginning...and this fairy tale is no different. Once upon a time there was a guild called The Fury Council. TFC, as it was so affectionately known, had a lot of fun people with which to play Everquest 2 on the Nektulos server. I was dating AnoguarĀ at the time (don't worry, we've LONG since broken up after he took my cell phone away from me and trapped me in my apartment for 3 days before I was finally able to get his psycho ass back to Georgia!)...anyway, we were looking for a raiding guild and he had done his diligent research and found TFC.

TFC made an alliance with the Knights Templar (KT)...but they got their named nerfed to "Knights of the Temple". This alliance went well enough and we made many more wonderful friends who would slap us in the ass and say, "Good Game!" with their clever macro emotes. To make a very LOOOONG story short, people became greedy (NO! You don't say! NOT in this game!!!) and the TFC guild leader let his leadership go to his head and he began abusing his position (GASP! Say it isn't so! I've never seen that in THIS game!). Though I tried to talk him out of his lofty positional delusion, he insisted on continuing his path to destruction, so I bailed and joined KT.

Well, RL took over for me and I ended up ducking out of the game for a while. A few months later, when I came back to the game, some kind of drama had ensued and everyone I knew who used to be in TFC and KT had left the guilds AND most of them even left the Nektulos server. Can you imagine that!!

The very few people who were still in this guild with their alternate characters saw that I was actively involved again, told me how much they missed me as we began questing together once more...and then asked if I wanted to be guild leader. I humbly accepted and haven't really heard much of them since.

Things are quiet here at Knights of the Temple. I am going to attempt (and I'm told it will be fruitless, but I will try anyway) to talk SOE into letting me change the name of the guild since I inherited the name as-is and had nothing to do with the naming or the nerfing. We'll see....

And so life goes on...and Kahli has now moved to Immortal Guardians, where we've met a wonderful group of helpful people who are only concerned about friendships and assisting each other in improving our characters. So our alts will stay in this guild and we will actively play in Immortal Guardians....and live happily ever after.

The Beginning

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

kahli_de, Aug 25, 09 12:22 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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