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Aug 25, 09 5:47 PM
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Welcome to Carpe Noctem (latin: "Seize the Night")

Thank you for joining Carpe Noctem. This guild is a work in progress, it may work, it may not. Participation is strictly voluntary. We are a social guild focusing on finding some fun people to chat with while we play. Enjoy the game and welcome to Carpe Noctem.

That being said, let's move on to the rules:

1. Be respectful to other players. I don't care if they're not in our guild, I don't care if they're alliance, be respectful.
1. Have fun.
1. Please refrain from putting any gray items in the guild bank. They are worthless to everyone. Any grays in the bank will be taken out and sold.
1. Have fun.
1. Donations to the guild bank are not mandatory, but they are appreciated. Since most members are around the same level, it will be helpful to put items you don't need in the bank.
1. Have fun.
1. Everyone has access to the bank. Please only take items that you have use for. Meaning don't take out items just so you can sell them. I have put potions in the bank for everyone's use. Please don't be greedy. If you need more potions, just let me know and I'll make you some as soon as I can.
1. Have fun.
1. There is money in the bank that everyone can use for repairs. Please don't abuse my generosity.
1. Have fun.

2. Any questions, refer to rules number 1.
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General Information

Nightkind956, Aug 25, 09 5:47 PM.
  • Everyone has the ability to invite new members. Please feel free to do so. Let any potential members know that we are a social guild and not very focused on leveling or anything like that. 
  • Me and Xanderal are on almost every night. We are usually more than willing to help guild members, but if we don't help you, don't take it personal. We have three attention demanding kids and we may not feel like helping you at that moment.
  • This website is a work in progress. If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions let me know via in-game mail.
  • Feel free to upload screenshots of your characters for the website's gallery. If the site doesn't let you (I'm new to this site), let me know and we'll work out a way to get it up.
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