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Hi, and welcome to our webpage. If your already a member of the guild, all the infomation on current events, ranks and other details are on the site. If you're new and have just found out about us, please take some time to read the introduction below.

We're based in europe, but as long as you can speak english, we don't care where you are from. Our purpose is to ensure all our members have a fun time playing and to support our members with any problems or needs they encounter.

As we are new, we arn't doing any raids yet, but once we have enough players, we most definatly will be! We will also do instances and other events in-guild, like a lottery. But first we need to get more members.

The guild works by the more active you are in guild affairs (Partakeing in raids and events, recruitment and even just congratulating other members sucseses), the higher your position will be. If you are mean, spiteful, rude and uncooprative, you will be demoted or even, for serious offences, kicked out of the guild. If your are premoted but abuse your power YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICLY KICKED. There are no second chances for power abuse. You may be allowed back into the guild at a later date, after a period of probation, but at the lowest rank.

If you are intrested in joining the guild, and are horde based on the Xavius relm, please contact Cymori (A level 58 Death Knight and the Lich Master) or Highelve and ask for an invite.

We hope you choose to join our guild and hope you enjoy your gaming time with us. Thanks for visiting!

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

ChampionsoftheScourge, Aug 30, 09 12:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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