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About: Atys Paladins traces its history to a company of warriors who vowed to defend the causes of truth, justice and sanctity. Bound together by a belief of social justice and open knowledge, they were joined by brave heroes in their travels in the mythical land of Atys, inspiring many a story told.

The lineage of the Paladins has been re-lit in the land of Telon, the world of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. We can be found on the desert continent of Qalia, previously on the Shidreth PvE server, we have now been merged into the Seradon server. Feel free to contact us.

Ahhh the good 'ol days :)

Luca vi, Jan 17, 13 10:15 PM.
Bored, grinding desert digging late at night in the quiet sands of Thesos. What kind of crazy guy levels PR digging to 250 before any other digging? This crazy guy.. Sure do miss these days.. /reminisce

Randolph the Reindeer!

Luca vi, Jan 28, 08 2:19 PM.

A distant cousin of Rudolph lends his abilities to all of Telon for the holiday season!

No alternate text supplied.

While Randolph may be gone for now, we all patiently await his return during the next Holiday Season

The Great Port City of Khal

Luca vi, Oct 10, 07 2:10 PM.

The great port city of Khal

No alternate text supplied.

AP sails

Chronosfera, Mar 8, 07 1:04 AM.
Over the past week we have put together our first few boats. Congratulations to Grephith, our first carpenter-shipwright! We had fun sailing them out along the river on Qalia and exploring new places. They are also immensely useful in hunting along costal regions and reducing traveling time.

Our first three boats: (Owned by)
Unnamed (Valnyori)
Unnamed (Grephith)
The Alegra (Neskartu)

Here's what it takes to make one sloop:

5x Deck Sections - 10 planks and 1 metal binding each
Helm - 2 rare planks and 3 rare spokes

4x Hull Sections - 25 plans each
Rudder - 6 planks and 2 metal bindings

Mast Pole - 10 planks
Mast Binding

No trees are harmed in the making of our boats... ok, maybe a few. I mean, a few, I am sure they will grow back... maybe. Have you wondered why Qalia is a desert?

Mounts in Vanguard

Chronosfera, Feb 25, 07 3:20 AM.
With a big, open overworld with countless points of interest to explore, getting to places can be a serious part of the game in Vanguard. Fortunately players are able to obtain mounts through quests and purchases to aid with their travels. Horses remain the most common among players, but camel is the awesomestest :o a large variety of more exotic and more speedy mounts ranging from unicorns to flying gryphons and wyrms are available to the more adventurous.

Camel *pets*:

Luca and shadowhound, before Luca was eaten by said hound:

More to come!
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